Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frosty mornings

This is what we have been waking up to this week

But that also leads top beautiful clear blue sky days, love this side of winter. (these were taken after 9 in the morning, must get out earlier to get better winter photos)

Very last minute entry into My favourtite things this week. But I really wanted to document this picture by Henry when he was in kindy. Love the fact that he drew himself as a hunchbacked mini-me version of his Dad. This was the year that he burst into tears every time his teacher asked him to colour anything, so to get a fully finished picture was somewhat miraculous!

I am currently sitting waiting for a couple of t-shirts to arrive for our 80's trivia night tomorrow night. They were supposed to be here by yesterday at the latest but I am having flash backs to Matt's formal where his suit arrived a day late... Fingers crossed.

Have a great day xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love love love love the photos... but brrrrrrrrrrr! Also loving the lo!! I loveeeeeee his art and loving loving loving his ART!! GORGEOUS! Thanks soooooooo much for playing along with FAVE THINGS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Irini said...

Too cute!!!!!!!
Love the photos..wish I was there...Yes weird I know!!!
fabulous layout....I think no mum can say her child is not an artist!! LOL LOL

Mitralee said...

You are a winner again! Congrats! I knew this page was a winner when I spotted it again, now take that boy out for ice cream...oh wait, it's cold there, how about ice cream with hot fudge!

Ros said...

I love the winter pics - they're beautiful.

Anne said...

I find it amzing to look at the pictures of your frost when my garden is now in full bloom !! If you are in need of colours, check out the pictures of my preety flowers !!