Monday, June 30, 2008


Loving the digital scrap at the moment, cheap (= free mostly) and quick results. Meaghan and her friends went off to camp in the first week of may and awoke to the foggiest morning we have had in a long time. Luckily it cleared, and they had a ball. I'm sure staying in motel styled rooms helped enormously - I mean what is that all about. I am sure camping in even the loosest sense does not include a tv...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Plus a couple of layouts

Here's a couple of digital LO's, with Meaghan and her friends after the matinee performance and the desktop I have been using this month (again a freebie by The Shabby Princess). Matt is at the viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower in this one (sigh).
Matt finishes term 2 today, hopefully will be germ free next term, where he has to start deciding what to do for HSC - all happening very quickly now.

Curtin goes to Hollywood

pre show excitment...
interviewing Logan (above) and a dancing Tweety - Meaghan and Minnie - Gala (below)

The year 5/6's put on a performance last night as well as a couple of matinees earlier in the week. The kids threw everything had at it, and it was wonderful to see them all. Meaghan was part of the paparazzi, who 'interviewed' the stars as they waltzed down the red carpet. She also did a dance with a tweety bird mask later in the show.
The boys did a dance to Greased Lightning, which would never have happened in my day, but was one of the highlights of the night.
Mary Pitt did a wonderful job pulling it all together, such a good thing for all the kids to be involved in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hermes bags

For those of us who prefer not to spend enormous amounts of money on a posh bag then Hermes has set up a neat little cut and paste to make your own tiny paper versions. So guess how I spent my morning? (The answer having nothing to do with housework). Anyway was quite pleased with the results, they would make cute little gift bags as well. The link is here. They even have a plain version to decorate as you want.
Having spent a few minutes browsing their site it is well worth a look, they have gone to a lot of effort, love the leather glove cutting demonstration, and the illustrations for the little folding bag - all good fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Presents for Louise

Finally we had another birthday to celebrate. It has been a long while since the girls went out to tea, although it is now once a month until the end of the year - hooray. June is Louise's turn, so a good excuse to make a couple of items I have been wanting to have a go at.
The button flowers are from a Kim Archer @home class, very quick at look great, the notebooks are moleskines (which I love to just pick up and wish I had any talent at drawing) with some scrap tags and rubons, also quick and look effective.
Jo's birthday next and the big unmentionable 40 is coming to town, although the rest (except our Fiona) of us have all crossed that bridge (with some style I think).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nan and Pop visit

Last week Mum and Dad came from Mulwala to visit, a rare occurrence in winter. I suspect (know) that it was to watch Henry at Auskick, Dad being an Aussie rules addict. Dad was a very talented footballer in his days and hopes the talent is passed on somewhere along the track. Henry was a very good pupil and listened intently to all Poppy's instructions. They had a game at Auskick which involves all the kids but probably less than half of the kids actually touch the ball (Henry being one of these). Henry is far more interested in dancing and attempting cartwheels than taking on the big kids. Luckily he has a ball doing this and is quite happy just to run for the hour.
They also finally got to watch Meaghan play tennis. Every time they have come previously it rained, this time was a close call, just freezing cold in the end.
All the kids get thoroughly spoilt by Nan and Pop when they come, although this time Henry's bed collapsed the day before they arrived so Meaghan had to give up her bed, fairly unamused. It all ended well though and Meaghan is getting a new bed tomorrow.