Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nope, still nothing...

I am sitting here, yawning, trying to think of a heading that conveys a) my excitement, b) the fact that  I have two new Lo's to share for different DT's and c) show off my incredible wit (!!). Absolutely  nothing... will have to think more and hopefully have something more than 'Two new challenges' as my lead out...

Ok, trying hard to pull two words together because it is a double good day for me. My lovely old DT Another freaking Scrappy challenge and my brand new spot on the DT of Child's Play both have new challenges up today.

First The Child's Play challenge - one close to my heart because this was one craft I loved as a child (yep, hated most others to be honest). Spirograph!! It seemed like magic when it worked properly, mmm pretty circles. 
And I was most excited to pick up a free action from Sugar Butt designs to add to my LO.

This week, the challenge on Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is a sketch

This is such a cool sketch - the possibilities are endless - you just have to see the girls work on the site to see that - so very good!! I went for a fairly straight interpretation - straight lines I am incapable of doing of course...

Henry and I had a spare day during the last holidays and popped into the Glassworks, they had a visiting expert and it was hypnotic watching them work. We stayed for the best part of an hour watching a vase being blown - this is unheard of for a 9yo boy - it helped that it is so nice and warm and the viewing benches allow for wandering children...

Geoff and his friend were going to go skiing today but the weather is vile so we have a visitor for the next couple of days- but I will continue to pack.

Please come and play with both challenges, maybe even combine them - all ok!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few random Layouts

First one for Lasting Memories - a Celebration -I haven't gone the birthday route but more a gloating celebration of younger brother over older brother - love this photo of Henry - no holding back!
I think this is one of my fav lo's ever - it came together so well. Very messy as always.

I have been posting some Lo's over on The Lilypad Gallery and I thought maybe I should share them here as well. This was for a template challenge -

Ands another template challenge, this time for Sahlin Studio's. Don't you love the background paper? And the good news is, if you are a follower of Krista on Facebook or get her newsletter, most of the stuff shown on this Lo is free! man I love that! Esp when it is so good...

This is Meaghan before she frocked up for her year10 formal. After she described what she wanted, I had pictures of bad 80's style hair but it turned out really well. Took as long to dry her hair as it did to style it!

And lastly one from a few weeks ago for Digi dares -

And now for more important things - The Closing Ceremony.

I have to say it was hard to get into The Olympics this year because all the finals were on at between 3-6AM - not that enthusiastic to get up in the middle of a cold Canberra night to watch Australia get silver in whatever event they were in. We recorded a few events - Sally Pearson winning her gold and Anna Meares in the cycling (yay) but mostly we were left  with snippets. But we did all sit down last night to watch the closing ceremony.

 Loved The Spice Girls - there I've said it. Have been singing their songs all morning.

 Although Posh always seems to be either keeping her distance or kept out by the others - not the best body language...
 Also The Who and Madness were fab. Did not like the Fashion parade in the middle of it all - just hit all the wrong notes. Snarling anorexics in the middle of happy healthy athletes was a bit jarring and they took far to long to walk up there runways. No flow, just a bit awkward.

And where was the Queen? They kept acknowledging her but the top royal they could roll out was Harry (he is the best royal though) seemed a bit odd.

The rest was all good fun - we figured the only way Rio had to go for the next Olympics was to have the skimpiest costumes of all time - could be an eye opener...

Ok off to pack more boxes, getting very good at chucking stuff out. Only two weeks until we move now - very excited.

Back tomorrow with the latest Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - still heaps of time to play along with our current Pets challenge.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Huge week

Boy, has it been crazy mad busy around here. Mostly good, we finally received approval for our house, and we have a pretty cool rental to move into. The removalists turn up in 3 weeks, that will fly.This is the room I am looking forward to being in, it is huge and we may even be able to entertain friends - how cool is that??
Family / dining
Friday saw Matt turn 20(!!).Alex came over and he choose cheesecake for his birthday cake. It was all a bit reminiscent of 20 years ago, in that the Olympics was on then, the only difference is that we won a gold medal in rowing while I was in labour. These Olympics, labour nor seeing a gold medal seems likely...(love the sailors though..)

I have used the August sketch from Get Creative and just for fun thought I'd show you the same LO with two different background papers.

I think I prefer this version, more masculine -

 But I quite like the fresher feel of this one - Notice they are still both wooden papers, with chevrons, still loving that look! Let me know which you prefer - very interested...

And then our girl had her year 10 semiformal on Saturday night. Huge event, all day spent preparing for it - and she looked beautiful. Meaghan had gone to a friends house for makeup and to get dressed. Geoff and I turned up for the red carpet arrivals and we didn't recognise her at first - so grown up. We just about burst with pride. Here she is with her date - Lachy who came back from Newcastle for the weekend.


 With her three best friends -

And here she is with her group of friends in a more informal pose -

And of course I had to do a Lo for her, this was for a challenge at the Lilypad, which was to use a royal name (queen, prince , princess etc). As my Dad had already said she looked like a princess, I had a ready made quote (although I will keep this one from Meaghan for a while as she is 15 and horrified at being called a princess..


Have yet to see the official photos yet - ours were pretty ordinary as it was pitch black and freezing cold - a function in Canberra in August- not the best timing  - luckily they are  young and can cope with sub zero temps in strapless dresses...

Off to sign the lease now and then more serious packing (most of my scrapping stuff is already packed. Have kept three pizza boxes worth out but the rest will go into storage. Some big descions need to be made about whether I continue paper scrapping next year or not. Either way I won't be getting any new supplies in the meantime. 

Ok, have a good day. xx

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Love this challenge on Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge- 

This time around, we challenge you to Scrap about a pet.  We especially encourage you to scrap about one from your childhood or youth.  If you have never owned a pet, then scrap about a favourite animal - perhaps you have photos from a zoo visit!!!
I am currently pet free but next door's new kitten has visited  a couple of times (he is the most easily spooked cat I have met - he definitely does not have the contemptuous look that most cats have). My childhood was on a farm so constantly surrounded by both pets and animals in general. My fav's were the pet lambs that we gathered every year - never got sick of feeding them - although I suspect Mum was tired of by the end of the lambing season...
More Lilypad supplies, am so addicted to this store and as promised, more of the chevron stamp from Em Straface freebies. 
We have finally received approval for our house plans = panic has officially set in - so much to do in the next fortnight - foremost of which is finding a house to live in... We inspected a house yesterday that is pretty good but my head space is not in that particular area, it seems out of the way even though it is only 15 minutes from here. I am too spoilt I'm afraid...
So I may only be in and out occasionally over the next few weeks, although I do tend to employ avoidance measures in these times, blog surfing being perfect..
and how can I go further without mentioning the Olympics - everyones favourite uniforms need to be shown again - watching Australia in bright yellow playing Spain in theses colours seriously should have come with a health warning - burned retina's all around.
 And over the first few days, I think the winners have been the whingers, from many and varied countries, although i think Australia, The US and Team GB have led the pack - it's been both laughable and embarrassing. Hopefully someone will remember that it is only sport and not a life and death situation. yep they are under pressure but crying when you only get a silver? And accusing anyone who dares to beat us of being drug cheats - seriously??
and completely unrelated - to celebrate Lizzy's last week on the train

have a good one and come and play with us at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge.