Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Book of the week

Just finished a great book by Barbara Kingsolver (who also wrote the Poisonwood Bible - another favourite) about being accountable for what you consume. Her and her family lived on a farm that was large enough to supply most of their needs but it isn't a preachy book (look how clever I am...) rather she gives plenty of ideas how to live a more sustainable life, get fruit and veges when in season, use meat that has come from a real farm not a feed lot and realise taste is as important as convenience.
I flicked through an American magazine the other day and the food ads amazed me - all pre-packaged, packed to the hilt with sugar (mmm, sugar) that just screamed tooth decay (cinnamon flavoured frosted struesal or Knorr cheddar rice with veges - very attractive). Australian junk food looks practically wholesome in comparison. The drug ads for kids are also something else.
I am an appalling housekeeper (as you are probably aware, esp if you talk to mum and dad for more than 2mins) so I aim to start small (farmers markets, weeding and replanting the vege patch, and convincing Henry that veges don't actually poison you, as he helpfully informed his teacher) and try to think about food quality more.
If I could only convince Geoff that a couple of chooks wouldn't be too much trouble...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Iron Chef Matt

Matt has a health assignment due this week in which the boys had to cook a healthy recipe. Matt and a couple of friends got together on Saturday night, went shopping and then videoed themselves cooking one recipe each. For starters one boy did laksa soup, then another did flambe chicken and Matt had dessert - apple tart. Unfortunately we couldn't be there for the testing but apparently all went well and there is only the editing to go. Matt made two pies (what a good boy!) and bought home his second pie. Very tasty and so good for boys to have the confidence know they can cook something decent. Looking forward to more experiments in the future, especially if they work out as well as this one.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Liz and Ros' birthday

Yet another enjoyable night out with the girls at delissios. Geoff reckons I go out more than he does but I have many years of staying behind to look after the kids (curse the lack of babysitters) while he went out so it is pay back time. Fiona couldn't make it but the rest were there. A double celebration as both Ros and Liz had their birthdays over the holidays. I found a little book to give to Ros (one of the most thoughtful people I have come across)- 'kids view of God' which was hilarious, thoughts along the lines of "God invented religion because he liked to hear about himself" and "Jesus was a real person not just a swear word" with little kid pictures to illustrate - love it.
Looking forward to the next night out (that's for you Katie).

Thomas show

Just before school went back, Henry and I went along to the Thomas stage show. We bought the glowing Thomas stick and with what seemed to be half the population of Canberra boys under the age of 6 (the other half I assume went to the earlier show) filed into the AIS arena - not much pink on show!
Although we had poor seats (curse internet booking) Henry was beside himself. Once the fat controller and his friends started appearing then Henry got right into it. He clapped and cheered and sang - had a ball. I found it hard to listen to Thomas and Percy as the actors who voiced them were - a) not Ringo Starr or his sound alike replacement and b) had spent too long doing pantos and had very effeminate voices, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much.
Luckily the top of the stadium was only partially filled, so we changed seats for the second half and had a much better view. It was worth the money just to watch Henry.

Monday, October 15, 2007

We are off

After years of saying we must go on holidays...anywhere, we have bitten the bullet (and hit the credit card!) and have booked flights overseas. We were looking at a safari (great time of year to go) but would have cost several small fortunes for the flights alone - one to look at when we are rid of a couple of kids I think. Then new Zealand was our next option but Geoff had been and the kids weren't that keen. So Asia called. We fly into Bangkok mid December, head across to Vietnam for a week or so then into Cambodia for another week. We then fly out Jan. 5 from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) back home.
At the moment I am in the middle of an organisational flap (passports, tickets etc) and I have to get a full birth certificate. how I got through 40 years without one I don't know.
After I did an initial budget (love the internet) am starting to curse airlines and flight centre as advertised prices and reality are poles apart. Taxes and airport fees are carefully hidden until checkout time and will add a not insignificant amount to the end cost. Luckily accommodation and food seem to be ridiculously cheap over there and we can use rail and boats for some trips.
I think I will start to get excited when all transport has been booked and I can relax then. Until then I reserve the right to be a bit uptight.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

sydney aquarium/wildlife world

While visiting Trace and Rob (and Emma of course) we made the journey from Penrith to Darling Harbour. Geoff had to stay home for work so I decided that the kids might like a train trip into the city. This has confirmed for me that I am a country girl. Too many people and such a long time to get anywhere. The aquarium was great, the wildlife place next door would be good if you were from overseas as it was all native animals. I loved the butterfly house, the boys liked the reptiles and Meaghan liked anything fluffy. The trip made me more comfortanble about taking the kids on longer trips as Henry was so interested in everything and Matt was never more than two steps away from him at all times. A great big brother.


We finally got to meet my niece Emma this week. She is a very placid baby and the kids just loved her. Meaghan did not want to put her down, which suited both of them. Henry decided it was his job to entertain her (holding Emma was not quite successful) and got lots of lovely smiles. Matt is quite at home holding babies and couldn't believe how light she was (compared to Henry who Matt had been carting around the day before. Tracey and Rob are great parents, very doting (hope they have a couple more hint, hint...).

Thursday, October 4, 2007

40th birthday LO

Thanks for a great night out girls (we won't mention the hat again ok).
Rhonna Farrer from 2peas digital elements.

Gold Creek Aviary

This is Meaghan's favourite place at the moment, the walk in Aviary at Gold Creek. We took Shannon and Gala there on Monday, bought some food for the birds and the girls (and Henry) had a ball. The parrots love the meal worms and will seem to eat endless quantities. There were quite a few people there but the birds kept eating. Afterwards we headed into town for some shopping and lunch (these girls are preparing for the teen years very well!!) and then the rest of the day at home. A nice low stress way to celebrate Meaghan's birthday.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last summer was inspired by kate mason (Blue Bazaar) with a Poppy ink kit (love those kits). The other two are form painted summer digital kits from shabby princess - a great place to start digital scrapping as they have a lot of large free kits.


Loving retro things at the moment - esp 60's/70's fabric(although I recently saw in a display house wallpaper that was inspired by the 70's and it was hideous). I made a pillowcase from a kit available at addicted to fabric as well as these toys (that the kids love) from a new book called softies. The giraffe (that looks like an alien) is called unsa munsa and the monkey is named muncher cruncher both Henry's names.