Monday, November 28, 2011

The end of the month

Which means many challenges are closing soon. I have, miraculously,, managed to finish a couple more.
First up, my friend (and possibly twin from another life..), Irini's challenge site- Get Creative - a lovely sketch - and this is the closest I think I will get to a flower cluster. Ok, three probably doesn't count as a cluster, I tried to add more, honestly but it just isn't me. Much as I love the style I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not a cluster girl...

And here is my completed Lo -

This is Meaghan and her friend about to head off to a party. Gorgeous girls. Meaghan was most upset that I arrived ON TIME(!!) to pick her up. I was under firm instructions for the next party to wait at least 15 minutes until after the official end time to pick her up. sigh.

And a very overdue LO. This is Henry and his U9 soccer team this year.

Notice he is the only one in black shorts, because for some unknown reason, he stripped off upstairs one day and shoved his blue shorts under the couch, the same couch where I found 13 socks of his - why does he have a cupboard when his clothes seem to belong under this couch??

This is for the Scrap the Boys challenge- scrap your colours, ie scrap your boy in sporting gear/teams.

ok, off to watch Henry's athletics carnival for a little while. cheers xxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black and White

Two challenges today - and guess which stamp I love from the latest Cocoa Daisy kit? (hint it features in both Lo's....). It's called the Dresden Quilt stamp and it's still available from here, how gorgeous is that??

First up is for the challenge at white with one - this month it is white plus a bright of your choosing and flowers. Unusually for me I choose pink! I was thinking of teal as I have just gotten some really nice teal things, but pink works well for girls, what can I say??? I love this photo of Meaghan and her cousin Holly (no news yet of new baby).

And then an old photo of me and my family off to church. I can't remember if I loved or hated the white woolly hat- - I suspect the later.. But the coat was a dark green velvet trimmed with white furry stuff - very yummy!!

We would leave Mum behind to cook Sunday lunch, which I gather was her time alone. Must have been a relief to pack us all off for a couple of hours esp when we were younger. Then we would pick Nan up and off to mass for an hour. Back to watch 'World of Sport' during winter and cricket over summer. A big roast for lunch. Every Sunday. We don't have set meals like that anymore.

This was inspired by the challenge at Black with Two - Black, lime green and cream. Love black and green together.

Only 8 more sleeps until Matt is back. I think he is heading towards Germany over the next few days. Henry is very excited.

And Meaghan is raking in the money by baby sitting lots of Henry's friends and their younger sister's. Could be a busy month ahead for her.

Ok, have a great day xx

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Because I am going to be an aunty again..

...very soon, Trace was due on Sunday, I have decided to do a LO in honour of my little brother who is about to become a father for the third time.

(wasn't he a cutie - and I got to use lots of blue and pink twine from the Twinery - still in love with that stuff!!)

This is the Journalling, the story of how I thought Rob was Elizabeth.

I was only 3 when Rob arrived on the scene. Michael and Geoff (Big brothers -ed) took full advantage of this fact when they ever so kindly informed me that I had a NEW BABY SISTER named Elizabeth (not very imaginative as this is my middle name). I was very excited although I am not sure when I came to realise that I in fact had another brother (and to be perfectly honest I preferred being the only girl..) Looking at him today I am sure he wouldn’t have made a very good girl.

This is Rob now, being chased by his daughter, Holly (such a cutie).

Not made to be a particularly petite girly...

Good luck Tracey!!

I am loving kraft at the moment, so theNovember Kraft it up challenge seemed appropriate as I had a story to tell as well (Kraft with journalling)

They are having a dt call at the moment, hmm could be good fun to apply, nifty sketch they have for the application anyway.

And to finish off, a couple more LO's from the Cocoa Daisy crop (yes, never ending I know but the challenges were so very cool!!!). And I will have more another day - yep I have done 15 LO's in less than 10 days - a world record (for me anyway..).

The challenge for this one is to use scrappy packaging on your Lo. I find the Prima packaging is so yummy that it is easy to incorporate.

Sharmaine chose a number of colour schemes from this website - design seeds -such a cool resource!! And I chose this one -

For this LO when Henry was a baby - turned out really well I think.

Time to get Henry from school, it has just started to rain here, after a really, really hot saturday (mid 30's already) the weather has turned cool again - not complaining.

Don't forget to come and play with us at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge site - some really great prizes are up for grabs!!

Have a good one and I will let you know when the latest addition to our family has arrived (need photos Rob!!!) xx