Monday, June 24, 2013

Lovely wet winters day

Nice day to stay indoors to play, which I managed very little of. However I did get to go have a yummy lunch with friends at the National Library. And then on to our house to discuss tiles - hopefully some issues will be sorted by tomorrow...

The one page I did manage today was for Em's Page Drafts. Celebrating lots and lots of Facebook followers. Who doesn't love her sketches???

Using this sketch - (very funky as always!)

And the theme of  "Be Bold" - how could I go past Meaghan, who is turning into the most self assured teen I know - sometimes in a good way, other times painful and occasionally scary (although not really scary..).

I have used a kit I have been needing to use for a while - Fluent in Sarcasm by Captivated visions - as well as some Sissy Sparrow's Catching Dragons and the title is using a fav of mine CD Muckosky's Markerific.

And over at Child's Play, I thought it was my last challenge on the DT, but happily, have read my calender all wrong, so have some more to go.This week, we have a yarn challenge - winter and knitting go hand in hand for me so how could I go past my latest project - and the cutest sheep I have seen for a while - from Valorie Wibbens (yarn Snob). The background is a bit flat for me - sigh.

And to top off my day nicely this Lo using Michelle Godin's Love and Light kit -

was chosen as a gallery standout for June  - yay!

More rain for the rest of the week, so hopefully will play some more. We needed the rain so doubly happy about that. Hope you are dry and warm where you are. xx

Monday, June 17, 2013

Soccer and sickness

Well, winter has well and truly set in here. Meaghan (who has hardly taken a day off school for illness and has never been on antibiotics) was struck down with a bad cold, right at the start of testing week (of course..). She lost her voice for a few days - a bit of a novelty as she does like to express her opinion, quite loudly, esp when she has her headphones in - which is most of the time... all ok now.

Henry then got the same cold but ended up at Accident and emergency at 4:30am on a very cold Canberra morning due to asthma getting the best of him. Geoff volunteered to take him, so I manned the phone with relevant info from our cosy bed. It was only a mid attack so he was back home by 7. Still home from school  now but improving.

All this meant he missed his beloved soccer on Saturday - but at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, I used this sketch

To make this LO
about his soccer playing this year. Henry has leapt in confidence and is happily taking shots at goal, sometimes scoring (I had previously only missed three games of soccer in his short career and he had scored goals on each of those occasions, no other time, just when I'm not there!) But I finally got to see him score a couple of weeks ago, fun to see them celebrate afterwards.

And the house is getting scarily closer, I know that sounds odd but we have so much to do (and so much more to spend...) before September, it is going to be full on. Now that it is nearly at lock up, we have no idea if things are happening inside. We drove past on Saturday, debated whether to go in because it looked the same as last week and it had been raining all week but to our surprise the garage was full of newly derived tiles, and then walking past the family room, we spied this -
 No balustrades yet but nice and solid.

And the first of our internal doors has gone in  -
They will all have the grooves on them, yet to be painted. It's all happening so fast now.

Once I work out where Geoff has put all the photos he has taken, I will update the house blog - sorry to bore you with it all here...

Must go do housework now, at least this house is nice and small, doesn't take long to clean.

Have a good one and I hope those of us in Aus/NZ are avoiding the worst of the bugs going around xx

Friday, June 7, 2013

Busy week

It's all happening here - Matt started a new part time job today, Henry plays in his band publicly for the first time today, Meaghan starts her first major exams next week and the house is flying along. All good stuff though.

I have been managing to get a few scrapping pieces done, firstly this one for Get Creative -

 using this months colour scheme -

And a couple for The Lilypad's June challenges -

Apparently Henry is my only child... (it is hard to pin the other two down to get a decent photo, will try harder...).

Quick post today, off to watch Henry's band now. None of them had played their instruments before this year, the first performance is both exciting to see the progress and I will admit it, sliight dread as their is  need for some ear protection for the odd wrong note.  All good fun and by next year they are suprisingly good.

Have a happy long weekend if you are in Australia, we have a couple of soccer games so will stay in Canberra, maybe a day trip some where. xxx

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Proposal

Ok, we have finally settled into the newest temporary house - it is small and falling to pieces but it is warm, the kitchen is a decent size, the showers are acceptable and we are so close to everything now. I am a convert to this suburb (esp with  major roadworks still happening just near our old/new house).

 The rebuild is back on track and will be finished by September or possibly sooner (we actually don't want sooner as we have a lease here until mid Sept and our budget needs those last few weeks to get some extras done on the new house. (budget has taken major hit with unexpected site works, and major services on both cars, sigh). Anyway, it is stuff we have bought upon ourselves and the house is looking pretty good. Front door goes in this week (fingers crossed) and the internal walls will be finished as well.
 Henry looking completely thrilled to be dragged through he house - again....
this is the kitchen and behind that wall is my lovely walk in pantry.

Ok, onto more interesting things. Anne, at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge,  has come up with a wonderful challenge this month, document a proposal, whether it is your own or another persons, tell us a story. I have chosen Geoff proposing to me, with the wrong ring. All turned out well in the end..

I was tempted to tell of my first proposal (actually had forgotten about it until now - that's how significant it was) - I actually can't remember the blokes name - or if I was ever told it... I was moving to Brisbane to live with Geoff and some friends up north. We were selling everything that didn't fit in the back of the car including the washing machine. A young bloke turned up straight from the bush - hadn't been in the big smoke before (Wagga in the 1980's apparently counted as the big smoke as it had more than one set of traffic lights). He had never used a washing machine before and asked his Mum before buying it how to get one to work - "find a wife to use it for you" was her oh so helpful answer.

 So the young man took this advice seriously, and popped the question while standing over the machine. I laughed, thinking it was a joke, but no - he thought it was worth a try, save him the hassle of looking around I guess...

 An opportunity lost, sigh.