Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome little Holly

This photo was taken on Christmas Day, I think Holly (who would have been about 4 weeks old) was just trying to ignore the noise of a house full of people. She is very sweet and too cute, Missed out on a cuddle last time we were down that way as she was asleep - maybe she is already trying to tell me something...

This layout is for my favourite scrapping site, The Studio. The challenge for this month was to incorporate some fabric on your page, alter your alpha and keep the whole thing symmetrical.

Yesterday I really felt like sewing. so i looked in my favorite local store and came back with a book written by my old (as in known for along time, rather than ancient in age x) friend, Anni from Hatched and Patched,. Lots of quick little sticheries and I took some of here flowers and embroidered them on a piece of soft pink spotted flannel. Easy to do while watching the tennis last night. I think if I had of known this was the paper, I would have chosen a tea died fabric instead - oh well. The rest came together quite quickly then.

{Although the altering of the alpha was very messy - lots of paint and mist involved, good fun.}

Off to get a school bag for Henry this afternoon and maybe try to organise a haircut for him, it is so long at the moment. Matt is getting serious about study, spending yesterday and today at the National Library (I think he is in love with this building now), even knocking back a trip to the mall with friends.

And Meaghan is watching 27 Dresses again, she is just discovering this genre and loving it.

have a great day and i will get around to changing my banner before next christmas I promise xx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

two more sketches

After madness hit yesterday (Geoff decided that a bike ride at lunchtime, 32 plus degrees would be a great idea, the madness being I agreed to go along!) I came home, and after collapsing for a while did a couple of lo's. Both are focused on Christmas presents.

Meaghan had wanted roller blades for Christmas which we duly got for her but it was harder than it looked and after a few tears, put them away. When we went to nan and Pops for a few days, her friend Shannon came with us and bought her skates as well. She had Meaghan out and about as soon as we got there, very patient and encouraging, such a great friend. I wasn't allowed to watch, and this was the only photo I was allowed to take, standing still, no action shots at all, sigh. Since we got back she has been out everyday on them, gotta love that.

The sketch is from sketchy Thursdays (I used sewn loops, only a bit wobbly, instead of circles, I admit I struggle with circles) and the little bird is for the 52x52 challenge.

This is for twisted sketches #033(which I flipped on its side) with the twist including an envelope. The envelope that has been dominating our house since Christmas has been the cluedo envelope containing the solution to the murder. Matt was given the newest version with extra weapons, intrigue cards and the possibility of being murdered before the end. Normally i don't like changing a classic game but the new rules adds a lot to a classic game. Henry loves to join in and to everyones amazement even won once (his guesses tend to be fairly random).

have a good day xx

Friday, January 22, 2010

January at the coast

Found another scrap challenge site - somewhat addicted to these at the moment, just kick starts my scrapping. Anyhoo this is called A Mission to Create and this is challenge #0008. You have to use at least three of the following criteria - stitching, rubons, colours (red, white, turquoise),paint and a curved title. I managed all except the paint (and the white is quite faint as I used a white ink pad on the brown card stock). Most of the elements came from this months cocoa Daisy kit ( a lovely package waiting for me on my doorstep when I got back from Mum and Dad's). I thought it looked a bit bare so I added the chain across the top of the lace paper and I think it made the LO. A bit of surf punk (I have a fake sharks tooth chain somewhere which would have been perfect but alas I couldn't find it).

The photo of Meaghan was taken when we went across to the coast a few weekends ago and visited some friends at South Durras Beach.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Geoff has taken the kids to see Alvin and the chipmunks, and Matt is at a friends house so I am all by myself. First time since the beginning of December, ahhh, feel the serenity....

Anyway have taken the opportunity to do housework (HA). Nope, have done two versions of Sketchy Thursdays latest sketch, not sure whether it is because I like the sketch or am in too lazy a mood to think about two layouts at a time.

This photo was taken yesterday just before Meaghan and her friend Holly were off to the shops for afternoon tea. Very impressed with themselves I think. The penguin t shirts were not previously coordinated, just similar tastes. They are happy confident girls, more than ready for there second year of high school. Holly's mum later rang Geoff to tell us how impressed she was with Meaghan's manners and outlook, which is always lovely to hear.

This photo was taken last year when we were clearing branches around the yard. Matt's job was to put them through the grinder. He actually doesn't mind that job, but it is so funny to watch the shoulders slump when he is asked to rake or mow the lawns. Such a hard life...

Time to enjoy my peace and quiet for a little longer and then off for a bike ride around the lake with Geoff. A nice way to spend a Saturday. xxx

Friday, January 15, 2010

After a break...

The oldest kids have left the house for the afternoon (yay, much as I love them it has been a very long holiday period) and Henry is more than happy tucked up with popcorn watching Garfield again. So back to the scrapping desk again, seems like an age since I have done anything.

The challenge for the start of the month at The Studio was to scrap your fears, using three photos and lots of white space. My current fears are fairly well universal for mothers everywhere (health of family, job stability of DH, etc) so I thought I would hark back to my childhood where my fears were many and varied. I was petrified of caterpillars to the point of not walking out to our car if i could see one no matter how far away it was. One in the house would paralyse me. Of course witches and the alligator that lived under my bed terrified me as well (had to leap from my bed to the rug in the middle of the floor to negate that little one..)

But my chief fear was (and probably still remains) clowns. They obviously have something to hide behind all that creepy make up and after the book and then the film of Stephen Kings' "IT" that was very much it for me.

had a lot of fun with this lo and the memories.

PS forgot to put hairdressers and dentists on my list. xx

This Lo I really like, inspired by 52x52 (thanks to tracy-lihanne for the link). All that was required was three (or more circles). How cool are those balloons from Webster's pages. Love them. Back to more scrapping now - maybe wishful thinking though.

Have a good one xx

Monday, January 4, 2010

sketchy Thursday 12.31

Love this photo of my niece Emma - so full of cuteness! I made this hobby reindeer from this handmade Christmas decoration book - so many good ideas in this book- highly recommended.

Just about all the parts of this Lo are from my December Cocoa daisy kit - they are getting better and better. The flower is made from the ruffled ribbon with a few jingle bells sewn in the centre - can't have too many bells on a Christmas lo. The January kit is equally delish and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

After a rousing game of Cluedo (Mr Green in the dining room with the knife - Matt won), Meaghan made yummy desert (meringue with double cream, melted choc and strawberries), then we adjourned outside for sparklers. All in all a good way to finish the year off.

have a good one xx