Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finally Back

My blog world has been ignored since before Christmas, now we are back from various trips. This last week has been spent at Mum and Dad's. It has been a very hot week, not coincidentally they have a pool so we spent most of our time swimming. It reached 43 C, not quite as bad as Sydney but still...

Cool change came through and was even a bit col last night.

While I was away, two new challenges that I am involved with have been published.

Firstly, my second guest designer spot at Get Creative. (Have I mentioned how much I love this site??)

I love this sketch, so much to my style.

Henry has always been afraid of dogs, somewhat of a problem when staying with Geoff's sister as they have a dog who lives inside. Henry was wary but slowly he became more and more intrigued with Mannny. He loved the idea of being able to give the dog a command and he would (mostly) obey.

By the end of a few days together, Henry loved taking him for runs (Manny had to be on a leash as we were in the country and he would take off if outside, as happened on new years eve were he went straight for the ducks in the dam and took half an hour to get him back). So good for Henry to spend time with him.

And then over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, another sketch. This was trickier for me as I don't feel comfortable doing lots of photos, but quite happy with the end result.

I flipped it, and changed some of the photo styles. all ok...

So now I am settled in, I would love to come by and visit your blogs.

And I still need to draw the winner of my Christmas blog hop for Child's Play - so this week will be busy.

Ps - while I was away the carpenters came back to work on the house (yay) and we now have a good part of the second floor under way (windows- eek!!), man it is starting to look big...

Will update house blog this week as well. 

Have good week xx

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raggedy Ann and Andy

I always wanted a Raggedy Ann Doll when I was little. Not even sure how I knew about her, never saw a book or tv show with her  but I guess like all kids, toys are a universal knowledge base. You just KNOW they exist..

Child's Play latest challenge is to base your Lo on this picture

I went with the colours because I never did receive a doll (sigh)

This is my little niece at Questacon our local science museum. Very inquisitive little girl.

Weather wise, you know it's a hot summer when you are relieved that the temp is only forecast to get to 38C today. Sydney is going for the second hottest day on record. It is currently 35 at the moment and the wind has just started, going to be a bad fire day, hope you are safe where ever you are.

We are off to a friends, catching up with their pool  other friends there (and ok, they might just have a pool as well...) so that will be fun.

Have a good day. xxx

Monday, January 7, 2013

Holiday fun

While we were away over Christmas, we caught up with an old friend and headed to Healesville for the day. First to The Healesville Sanctaury (more on that another day) and then to a little maze/mini golf/frisbee golf place. Lots of fun.

And 'Holiday' is one of the Bird is the Word topics at the moment, seemed like a good place to start. Frisbee golf finished off the day nicely with lots of laughter happening -

We'll it is certainly heating up here in Aus. I'm not complaining yet, memories of last years non summer and a very long winter are still fresh... So we sit in our wading pool or sit in our lovely cool house and venture out only occasionally. Will head back down to Mum and Dad's soon to take advantage of their pool (and their company... let's face it, pool first!) but they are having a week of plus 40 temps (104F+ in old temp) so may wait until next week, that is getting a touch extreme...

So far no hint of bush fires around here but they tend to happen in late Jan so fingers crossed no bad ones this year.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Finally back in town and I have to say, scrapping wise, I have already messed up the start of the year. that must be some sort of record...

Two sites, both with a topic relating to New Years Resolutions. One I forgot to do before leaving on our Christmas hols (sorry Anne xxx) and the other I thought I had sent off but hadn't - Doh (sorry Irini...).

So at a two for one price here is my New Years Resolution -

This was designed for my Guest design Spot over at one of my favourite sites, Get Creative. 

Today's challenge....
 is all about freedom and expressing our thoughts
 we want you to  journal about the year that passed 2012 
and the year to come 2013!.....
feel free to make a layout with or without a photo....
go crazy with paint or mists collage, 
stickers, different mediums, pencils, 
doodling zentangling....
your focus is the journalling!...

but equally I think could cover Another Freaking Scrappy Challenges first challenge for the year -

What will be your new year's resolution this year. What do you wish you could resolve and stick to???

If you have not made a resolution for this year, scrap about your resolution from another year. Were you successful? Would you do it again??
 Of course the house is going to be the dominant theme this year, must remember to breathe occasionally.

So feel free to do better than I have done and join in!!!

On a happier note, our trip away was fun and we caught up with just about our entire family, lots of fun. Lots of yummy food, many swims in the pool and walks along the beach as it was too cold to swim by the time we headed south. Lots of photos to scrap, all good.

I will draw my blog hop prize next Monday so if you want to join in, there's still plenty of time.

Off to take Henry to see The Hobbit now, looking forward to that. xxx