Monday, September 24, 2012

And the walls came tumbling down...

The builders rang us just after 7:30am and said they were just starting to pull the house down, we were there an hour later and this is what greeted us -
Doesn't take much to pull down a house.   

This is the top floor -

This was the house before total destruction but after all the asbestos and insulation had been removed - was looking very sad by  now.

And I didn't feel sad or stressed, just a bit excited...

Digi Dares latest challenge is all about a change happening in your life - fairly obvious I had to enter this week!!

And I have finally started the House blog -

Stately Wray Manor (in honour of our hero - millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne..),

And his wonderfully outfitted alter ego -

It will be very photo heavy - I hope  - as progress will be fast (please..)

ok, off to take more photos of cleared block now. byeeee xx

Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspection done!

Our first inspection as rental tenants is done - hmmm very good way to get kids to clean their rooms. Maybe I will have to make up some sort of inspector when we move into our new house...

Time to relax for a while and get some scrapping done. Am actually considering breaking out the old glue and paper and getting messy - it's been a while.

In the meantime I have two LO's to share. The first is for a new challenge site, Digitally Sweet,  and the ever lovely Tina is on the DT. And you can visit me anytime you want to Tina, always room!  The them is anything goes with flowers. (NB just realised I have missed the deadline, drats!!) And I had just bought a big bunch of my all time fav flowers yesterday so I took a pic and had some fun with Studio 68 products. Went rustic this time.

And then I had to scrap a big event in my boys life - Henry was named most improved player on his soccer team. He just about burst with pride, he has left the trophy near the front door so anyone who visits can see it.

Used the latest sketch from Get Creative.  You know I Love that site! All elements are from The Lilypad, Mostly Sahlin Studio.

Ok, off now - get to watch our house being knocked over this afternoon! Will I be sad ?- Ummm... no. Thought I would be but having cleaned it out and left it gutted, it no longer is my home, just looks a bit like a derelict overgrown dump.

Wish us luck that the new house goes up quickly...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting on top of things...

 A late post for the Latest Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - a sketch this week - I know I say it every time but I love sketches!

All the elements are from Studio 68 and here is Anne's sketch-

Finally the house is getting to the presentable stage, today the furniture is for the most part in place. Our new couches arrived late on Tuesday and I love the colour (it's actually a bit darker than the photos show)-

Hmmm orange (never, ever thought I would have orange couches!)

and our family room now has one of our old yellow fabric sofas in it -

so happy here at the moment.

And to finish off one last Lo for One of the challenges at The Lilypad 
Photo taken last weekend of Henry and Matt. Just so good together...

Geoff is back from a fortnight in New Zealand (work related) he managed to miss most of the box unpacking - will be good to have him back. He is keen for us to get back for a family hol to NZ now (yay). One day..

Have a great week and I should be back blogging and visiting blogs far more regularly now.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Time Lucky...

Probably lucky for you as well, as my first post was the usual long rambling post.

And then I posted it on the Child's play challenge blog...


Luckily I realised straight away, and deleted - before copying it,

sigh again..

So here is the shortened version-

The latest Child's Play challenge is up - I noticed Julie has already submitted an entry - she is so quick! Based on the Book - The Giving Tree (which I had never read before - not an Aussie thing I think..) - here is my version-

I am in love with the designer of this paper - Studio 68 - thanks to Em who is on the DT there now. All soft and grungy - so yum!

And thanks to Digi dares - I won a gift certificate to Paula Kesselring and created this for the new challenge site - Red Carpet Challenges - this weeks challenge was so tricky - The Silent Movie - no words - man alive, that is just about impossible.

Decided to go with a picture of Canberra's main Lake at Sunset -

Not sure about the blues with this but love the birds (again from Studio 68).

And Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge has their latest challenge up -

September is back to school in North America – scrap about a teacher or someone who inspired you, believed in you, helped you in some way.  If you have a photo of them, use it.  If not place a photo of you or something else that is representative of how they inspired you. This month we are playing for another word album by SEI and a chance to be chosen as one of the faves by the design team.

I was a bit too busy to put in my LO but the girls over there have done their usual spectacular work - go check it out.

Ok, back to unpacking now -come and play please..


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm internetting again!

(our lounge room wall)
I never want to have a moving experience like that again...

Ok, my neglect of many aspects of storage has come back to bite me. We had two large attic areas that tended to have items that I just couldn't decide on - just about all stuff that was broken, stuff the kids had grown out of or stuff I just couldn't be bothered deciding about.

And add to that my too large stash of craft/scrapbbooking supplies...

20 odd car trips and 4 moving truck loads - I was on the verge of tears all day Wednesday I was so over it...

Oh boy, that was hard work.

And to top the week off, we had a demolition sale on saturday and sunday. I had to leave early on Saturday to take meaghan to soccer. I walked into our new house to be greeted by my husband, who chatted for a minute, then looked pale and swore loudly and longly and in a very panicked way. He had left Henry playing quietly upstairs in our old house!! He set off at an illegal speed to go get him, when 2 minutes later a car pulled up outside our new house and deposited a slightly distressed and very peeved Henry off. He had been locked in and had to climb out a window and summoned a passing neighbour to get him home. Miraculously, he knew our new address as well as the street that our street connects to. Clever boy.

I have only just started talking to Geoff again... Father's day on Sunday was a less than celebratory day!

Anyway, We are mostly (ha) organised here now. The main lounge room is wonderful and there has been an unexpected bonus. We currently only have one TV working and the wifi Internet doesn't work in the kids rooms, so they are spending all their time in our company. And Meaghan was so excited about this house that she has had friends over for a sleepover already.

And we signed the contract for the new house yesterday, should be knocked down within the month. We discovered that the old extensions were mostly comprised of asbestos so it will cost more to knock down but at least it will be gone.
 Henry's cupboards have gone to a better place (well Queanbeyan anyway)

 all the brown cladding and the eaves are asbestos

Meaghan decided painting on the wall was preferably to actually packing.

I will have a separate house blog so won't have to bore you with the details here.

On a very happy note, my football team (go my beloved hawks) ended with the minor premiership - playing the evil Collingwood in the first final, fingers crossed my boys win...

Ok, must go get Henry, very conscience of not leaving him wondering where we are this week.  Back tomorrow with some scrapbooking, I think this house will encourage me to get back into it, much stash to get through before the next move.