Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a bad day

Yesterday one of Geoff's close friends passed away. it was completely unexpected, he had ridden to work on his brand new bike (purchased the day before type of new) and had what turned out to be a massive heart attack while sitting at his desk. Geoff was rung and headed straight to the hospital but Peter had already gone. He brought Pete's car back here and we went and visited his wife last night, what to say to a woman you have never met and had only just lost her husband?

Leif was holding up well, but it was all shock and understandably it hadn't sunk in yet. They had two small boys. Geoff was wonderful, I was very proud of him as he had lost a close friend and took all the calls from colleges and friends all through the night.

I guess the funeral will be later in the week and then we just to hold together with Lief to help her and her boys through the next section of their lives - so very unfair.

The photo was taken this morning in the fog with the only flowers currently in my garden.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

happy birthday Louise part 2


It was one of the coldest days on record in Canberra, the fog didn't lift all day, completely miserable but we ventured out (all except Jo, who I don't blame at all for staying tucked up in her nice warm house while she was feeling less than well), off to Delissois for some nice comfort food.

after the traditional showering of gifts onto the birthday girl, we all had some very yummy mains followed by sharing of equally calorie laden desserts (sticky date pudding being the standout), all washed down with champagne.

It is getting so rare to see all the girls together, with the changing of schools and getting jobs, that these nights are very special. The school gate is certainly no longer the same.

Anyway Jo is next, as well as trivia night which is always fun, so more to look forward to.

happy birthday Louise part 1


I was struggling to think of a present for Louise when I read a technique on Posy gets cosy blog. This involved a quicker way of patch working involving iron on interfacing. You just cut out the patches, place them on the interfacing (butting up against one another) and then iron the patches down. The seams become a snap to sew then, just long thin seams, without the fiddling of lots of little seams. Works an absolute treat. I added the border and am rapt with the result. I have my fingers crossed it doesn't all fall apart in the first wash.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

cracker night

Canberra had what looks to be it's last (legal) cracker nights over the long weekend. We hadn't bothered in previous years but thought we should this year. We invited some friends over, who also bought their own stash and let loose down at the oval. It was freezing, and make no mistake, it was the two fathers elbowing kids aside to light fire crackers. Very funny. Matt and Ed managed to light a few and the younger kids got sparklers but in reality the whole night was for Geoff and James.

Meaghan tag teamed her friends over the weekend (holly during the day on Sunday, Jacs for a sleepover, Millie for crackers and gala for Monday) It is good to get to know Meaghan's new friends as well as catch up with Gala who we hadn't seen for a while.

all in all a fun weekend, if a little(!!!) cold.

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy winter

henry has had a cold all week, nothing too bad, just enough to be annoying. I am over winter already!

This is my June desktop, a freebie from designer digitals - very nice, the colours are mute enough to work for this time of the year (I can't face summer colours in winter), but a hint of warmth as well.