Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy birthday Jo

Another excuse to go out, have a lot of fun and experiment with my craftiness. Jo is fast becoming my go to girl to discuss and dissect all things craft, although I am particularly jealous of her drawing skills (see her blog here, ha no secrets blogs now).

The stash of birthday presents she got this year was fabulous (do we discuss the little item that Katie gave her for"when her husband is away"hmm) Ok it was a jar opener apparently.....

I have very recently been very excited by an artist named Rebecca Sower (go check out her stuff) and was inspired to make this for her, so much fun, I can see this style being an obsession for the next little while.

It was the first time I had attempted to attach mirrors by embroidery, so armed with my ever trusty A to Z of embroidery stitches, off to Henry's swimming we went. And I sat there puzzling through the stitches but turned out to be a snack once one was done. The beading was done in front of the tv on tuesday night (watching Robert McNamara's Fog of War - great doco).

I arose yesterday thinking I finally had the present making in hand and would actually finish with oodles of time to spare (ha). life gets in the way as always and I finished at 6:30 last night (dinner at 7!). the glue was still a bit sticky but it all held together well (ish). Sigh one day I will not leave these things to the last minute. Jodie is next so let the planning begin (ok no idea, any hints Jodie?).

Anyway Happy belated birthday Jo, we have a craft morning to plan (as well as lunch with Louise soon) xx

Monday, July 27, 2009

glorious morning

Although it is always hard to get out of bed on a Monday and in winter, somethings are worth seeing. After I dropped Geoff and Henry off, the fog had just lifted and I had a nice sparkly garden to come home to.

Have a great day, must now get clothes on the line (sigh).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

adventures in knitting

I have had a bit of a knitting winter, which has been a good thing. I have learnt my lesson (ie never start anything to big (I get bored too easily). So toys and a variety of scarves have been on the menu. The red scarf at the top is called the seven circles (from assemblage), a very easy knit on circular needles. I have used a silk?merino wool which is beautiful to knit with.
The other darker item is a wrap (mohair wool), looks black until it is sunlight where the rainbow colours show up. This is from cocoa knits, who have a number of interesting patterns. If I ever decide to do a top then I will use one of her patterns, really like some of them (esp this and this).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspiration class 2

These are the latest from my class. Very pleased with the lo, had to use the milk top (supplied by Jenni) in a layout. This is one of my favourite photos of Geoff and Henry, Henry trying to be so cool like Dad.
The post card for my inspiration board I picked up from the local bookshop. It is an old German one and I just love the colouring as well as the look on her face. I really am enjoying looking for these sorts of things and am absolutely green with envy at what the other ladies in the course are able to grab from there local flea markets in the US. We just don't have the population or the age for many cheap antiques to be floating around. Lets face it, if it is older that 20 years in Canberra it counts as ancient. I ordered some French antique ephemera and sequins/glitter from here but it is a bit exxy. Could have spent a small fortune easily. Anyway...

the one that got away

I had my first layout (see Cambodian lo above) accepted to be in a magazine a number of months ago, right about the time (unbeknown to me) that me that my email wasn't actually attaching attachments, handy when submitting digital images. Too late for the deadline did I realise - sigh. Luckily a couple of others had also been taken so all is not lost. These i can't put up until a couple of months after publication. I sent off my first invoice for payment of these and felt ridiculously happy for such a tiny amount.

the other two are more recent efforts, the lake is mt home town where they drain the lake every 10 or so years, this time to kill the weeds that were taking over the swimming areas, should be full again by spring.

On a completely separate note, watched the final episode of master chef last night. I didn't watch any of the early episodes but my budding dessert chef, Meaghan was totally hooked and by the end I had to see who won. It was so good to see a stay at home mum win - such a dag but could relate to her, must admit I shed a tear and it was good to see all the judges being so supportive and nice instead of trying to bring contestants down for their own gratification. Our most favouritist show - amazing race is back on this week, so something to fill the gap in Meaghan's life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nice space

We finally ripped up the grotty carpet upstairs to reveal some very nice polished floorboards. It opens the room right up, such a nice place to be now. I think the rest of the carpet downstairs now has a very short life span.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toy society drop no2

A couple more toy drops on the way back from Mulwala. I wanted to drop one in Mulwala but the playground was busy, so the Mr Dangly clone (the monkey) was dropped in Henty and the owl was left at the women and childrens immigrants monument in Uranquinty (near Wagga).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We popped in to see my niece a couple of times while we were down south. She was very taken with Meaghan and Henry (not so sure of me and Matt). Emma is such a cutie and full of energy and her curls leave Henry's hair looking very flat.

new class - started

I have finally started the Jenni Bowlin class. Our first project was to come up with an inspiration board to place pieces to inspire us (funnily enough).
After searching many op shops and second hand stores for an appropriate frame (very little choice in Canberra) I found this at home of course. The material is from addicted to fabric that I tea stained and then tied some ribbon around the base to hold in any objects I find.

My first inspiration piece is from a pack of antique Japanese fabrics I bought at the craft fair last year, just the off cut, the actual fabric was a luscious red. Love the texture of this piece as well as the colour variation.

I now have to do a layout with a milk top that is yet to arrive in the mail. When I was home I picked up all Mum's old photos so should be able to find a suitable farm based picture to do. So far I am impressed with the amount of information coming out and plenty of projects to do. All good fun.

Monday, July 6, 2009

trivia night

What a fun night, although completely devastating (overly dramatic?) forth placing for the second year in a row. 1/4 of a point, is that even possible? more bribery required next year I think. The team managed to win one of the challenge rounds so free movie hires all around and Geoff and I both got lucky door prizes, a pizza voucher and a dinosaur colouring book, which Geoff took to with the enthusiasm of a 4year old (need I say more?).
Next year I think we can at least make the podium (ha). But it is becoming a highlight of the school year I think.

the "bad" pictures

note Katies rabbits ears and I am not even sure I want to know what louise is doing with her hands

Ok If you are going to play up for the camera, not my fault, they have to be seen, although to be fair Jo wasn't playing up, but the look on her face made my laugh (sorry jo).

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Middle of the first week of the big kids holidays - I am very much looking forward to having Henry home as well. Matt and Meaghan both had friends over on Tues night, but they happily all played monopoly together for a few hours, with no parental interference- sorry guidance -needed.How good is that?

We were going to go to mum and dads next week for 5 days but as they are in Sydney (how selfish, planning a holiday months in advance and then not fitting in with my plans - hmmph) but we may go for a couple of days as I need to get a few things and drop some stuff off.

I am starting this 12 week internet class with Jenni Bowlin hopefully tomorrow, which I am very excited about. She uses lots of found items (vintage stuff, too yummy) for inspiration, and hopefully showing us how to go from inspired to our own work, a step I very much have trouble with. Lots of show and tell so no getting out of being slack (my usual state). Will hopefully show my work here as well. Should be fun.

Tonight is our school's trivia night, have actually convinced Geoff to go this year. Jo is studying up (pop culture, I am thinking we should call our table 'team Brangelina', what do you think?), Matt knows everything and I pretend, with Katie, Louise and Col very handy additions. Have a couple of people I don't know as well, I am expecting complete domination!!! Liz couldn't make it this year but at least she won't be repeating the sabotage from another table this year (am I still bitter and twisted? let me think about that...).

Just waiting for our new entertainment unit for downstairs to arrive, should make a big difference, like a grownup actually lives in this house. We are also ripping up the carpet upstairs on the weekend as well. Phew this is almost too much but all good fun.

ps1 the lo is for a pencil lines sketch competition, I really like this one, a little different to my usual style (no journalling, dates nor real title) but I really enjoyed doing it.

PS2 Peter's funeral was on Monday - tough day, but in many ways good bizarrely enough, may post about it later.