Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Pinata

One of the highlights of Henry's party was the pinata. For me, a highlight because it was very close to the end of the party; for the kids a chance to hit something with a stick, without getting into trouble AND the reward of lots of lollies after destroying the dragon, a win-win situation. Only a few tears, quite a bit of shoving and some reluctant sharing, most of the kids were very happy. There was certainly a take no prisoners mentality setting in which quite honestly was a bit on the scary side. Matt was in charge of the stick/blindfold and did very well to escape from this uninjured (although less lucky in the "lets get Henry's brother" general stampede and tackle session...

Unfortunately the photos weren't terrific, lots of kids make for crowded photos but nice to get it scrapped with the latest sketchy Thursday sketch. I was also very pleased to be selected in their top 5 picks for the March guest designer spot with my 80's lo.

I have used some of the latest Cocoa daisy kit, I ordered lots of patterned paper this time as I am using it more and more.

Have a fun day xx

Monday, February 22, 2010

A bit of news

After spending the night icing the cake for Henry's birthday party (more about that later if I can think about it without going into a foetal position), I had a quick look at my enail and there was some lovely news just sitting there.

I have been accepted as part of Butterfly Crafts spring design Team - my very first Design Team postion. Yay. And looking at the list of talented girls, there are quite a few familiar faces, Lisa, Tracy-Lihanne, Fabi all good fun. I have my first assignment and can't wait to get started. Will show my work after March first when the next challenge will be posted.

PS A huge thank you to Jodie (who is looking trim and terrific), true friend for staying at Henry's party when her lovely daughter Mikaela was the only girl at the party. I think she probably came away from the party eternally grateful that she only has girls. big hugs and kisses for you xxx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who doesn't love the 80's?

For the Guest DT member for March, Sketchy Thursday came up with this sketch and the following requirements :

With this sketch, Show us some 80s style AND feature black, white, and hot pink.

Hellooo, I am such an 80's girl, the point of my life, high school and university, meeting lifelong Friends (not to mention the hubby). But of course the 80's was all about the music.

My first album purchase with my very own money was Lionel Ritchie's "dancing on the ceiling".
It then progressed to the more adult Air supply numbers (still guaranteed to send me to sleep as I always played it after lights out).

The next albums that have great memories I think stand the test of time. The Police, Synchronicity, INXS (my first concert) and Talking Heads, such a university band. staying up most of the night watching Rage after a night out, all the New Romantic bands and all the live gigs, wonderful memories.

Oh yes, the photo is taken on my Year 12 farewell dinner - at least half the girls wore shades of blue taffeta or satin. Lots of bows, flounces and court shoes. And of course the PERM...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what constitutes an exciting day out in Canberra

Ahh the rain - we had about a third of our annual rainfall in a week here, lovely soaking rain, no storms, no wind just rain. Canberra's little man made lake has a dam at one end and this is the first time in 8 years (in fact the week Meaghan started school) that they have opened the flood gates.

People came from all over Canberra to view this and wonder at actual water (Ok it is slightly green and there was a very small sign at the top apparently to warn you not to breathe in the water droplets as there is probably blue green algae present...).

All the rain meant postponing Henry's party so we have that to look forward to this weekend (3oC and sunny - perfect for a park party)

On to scrapping now. a few challenges this week, first up The Studio now has weekly challenges an the first was to speculate what life would be like to be male. Tessa's Lo made me laugh preferring to be female "I enjoy actually being right - not just always thinking that I am."

Here is mine, I always wanted to be a boy when I was little, preferring to be out with Dad on the farm to playing with dolls - although that could be because my brother (that's you Rob) bit the noses off my barbies.

A couple of lo's for Henry's birthday, firstly sketchy thursday, a nice simple lo this time., not sure about the green background though.

Page maps now, I haven't used their sketches before but who can resist a bird? They have some rather yummy prizes as well. This was our present to Henry and he is finally getting some confidence, although his pedal fell off yesterday which didn't help.

Lastly one for Pencil Lines, the site that introduced me to sketches. Haven't done one for them for an age. I don't usually use many flowers but when you use Websters pages, they just scream out for girly embellishments.

Sorry about the long post, just haven't had time to update this week. Have a good one, I'm off for a lunch with friends, yay. xx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

another addiction

I am now officially tumbling and have added this to my images, love it and think I may actually have to purchase it. It is by Helen Dardik over at Etsy. It is so cool. To check out my tmblr list go here, thanks to the very talented and tasteful Laura for getting me restarted as I had set up an account but had yet to use it, a lot of fun to be had I think.

Also please go here and vote, my obvious choice is for the Toy Society but take a look at all the other crafty goodness to be had, makes me feel both excited, inspired and a wee bit intimidated at all the talent out there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more sketchy thursday

Quick one for sketchy Thursdays. This summer we have been involved in a lot of water fights, starting with fully armed water pistols and deteriorating into buckets and hoses. Nobody escapes then. Good on those days over 30C.

Happy birthday Henry

My little boy turned 7 on Sunday. After a week of the exciting lead up (including starting year2) the day finally arrived.

There to greet him was his brand new bike, decorated with streamers that had taken most of the evening before for his dad to put together. 'Ahh' said Hen"I see there's a new bike..." but then refused to go near it. Not his first choice, not ungrateful, more a bit underwhelmed. Luckily the siblings came through with Lego and games and various grandparents sent cash so all was saved.

He did eventually look at the bike and was most excited when he discovered the bike lock that was accompanying the bike. It was RED!! yay.

Before lunch we headed out to Stromlo bike park, his very favourite place to be, Meaghan on skates the rest of us on bikes (Matt of course minding the house, great job he did..).

On hopped Henry and we discovered that the brakes the bike had were adult sized and Henry could barely reach them. that did it. In his new role as rating master "this bike gets 0/10". Geoff managed to fix the brakes and after he figured we could time him, Henry manged to do 8km's so I'm guessing the bike isn't too bad despite his protests. And you'll be pleased to know the bike lock worked as we had to take that with us to try out as well.

Meaghan made the cake and decorated it, topped off with some club Penguins, henrt's current obssession behind Lego and ended the evening with a game of cluedo. All in all a good day. x

Now to survive the party next weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

very quick one

Just before picking Henry up from school I thought I would see if I could give the latest SPCC challenge a whirl, so to speak. i wasn't sure about whether I could work with the colours but turns out (summer sun, Real Red, turquoise and pink passion) I loved them, very summery and happy colours.

I had these photo of Meaghan and one of her friends printed out for ages and these colours suited the feeling of the day. Warm, happy and filled with friends. her first fete back at her old school, trying to act mature but still loving it all. Great memories for Meaghan.

first day at school

First day back, grumblings from the big two, and one very grumpy Henry, who hated having his haircut. I on the other hand was rapt, it had been 8 very long weeks esp towards the end with very little break from having at least one of the kids around. Does this make me a bad mother - probably but all I know was that I was in desperate need of some personal space and now, ahh heaven - so very quiet.

Henry's teacher is lovely and he is in a straight year 2 class with some of his friends plus he has met the new boy who has moved in around the corner (they actually sit next to each other in class).

Meaghan is an old hand at high school now after one whole year so no nerves and she is already loving art classes. they are off to see the Masterpieces from Paris exhibition at the National Gallery soon which means I can dawdle on in either by myself or with Geoff anytime we want now instead of waiting for Meaghan to be free as she was the only child who wanted to see it.

Matt, my baby (hmm maybe not) is starting his last year of high school. he had begun this already last year so already has read most of the texts and retained the same teachers. he has one 7am start per fortnight for extension history (he is studying how history looked at the Italian wars during the Renaissance) and one afternoon class for extension 2 English where he has to produce his own work. It is going to be a big year but Matt has set himself up well so hopefully not too much constant stress.

This photo was taken in the morning when Henry was still very unhappy. The colours are from a Colour Combo's galore challenge.

Yesterday Henry came home and realised no one had said anything about his haircut for two whole days so it was probably OK.

Matt did not escape so lightly with a few golden glints still visible.

PS Very excited as my Layout of Holly "sweet dreams" was chosen as the January winner at The Studio. How cool is that? And the prize is a Calico Studio Kit, so very yummy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

how to get a wiggles song stuck in your head

The latest offering from sketchy Thursday. i love that I never think 'I can't do anything with that sketch'. I think I will come back to this one, maybe flipped on its side...

This was at Mum and Dad's over the holidays. Henry had always had floaties on before but this time (and rightly so after many years of paying for swimming lessons) he was off. He spent a lot of time under the water as this seemed to be the most efficient way for him to get from point A to B. His little head would pop up like a little seal for breathe then down he would go again. Total confidence.

Henry had his first swimming lesson for the term yesterday and a couple of weeks in the pool has made a big difference to his abilities. Looking forward to his lessons this term as Jo and Ruby will be there as they watch Archie.

Will post photos of first day back soon. x