Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot pants

We will get onto them later, just a teaser. First some scrapping. My lovely, if slight mad charming, friend Tina is on the DT for Lasting Memories and their challenge this week ties in beautifully with some photos we took last weekend. Their challenge is to incorporate footprints into your Lo. And footprints on the beach are esp photogenic!

This was probably our last visit to Geoff's Mother's house before it is sold in a couple of weeks time. A sad time but also busy as we did more sorting. We managed a couple of trips to the beach, only with Henry as Meaghan was studying and Matt decided not to come. Gorgeous weather (bit better than Canberra on the weekend) and Henry loves the beach.

 All of the digi supplies are form the Lilypad. as are the supplies for this Lo - one of my favs so far -

This is Meaghan and her friend Sam on the way to camp and the photo (unedited by me - stolen off Meaghan's facebook) was taken by another friend. Meaghan even approves of this LO - a rarity!!  She had a ball at camp, came back glowing with happiness as is keen to do more - love that!!

Finally - happy smiley photos that make me glad the 70's existed. I loved hot pants when I was much younger, although I never had any as funky as these and I only wore mine under skirts  AND we called them witches britches - but they were stripey and knitted so close enough!!

The next two are for Jo as she is not well at the moment (hugs to you>) and I know she has a thing for yellow. 

 May have to knit some up for you just to make you feel better... (hmm hot pants or knickerbockers?? I can see you in either...)

Ok, onto housework. xx.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I have been delving into our reasonable near past and have picked out a few photos from 2006 to scrap. Back then, Matt had short hair, Meaghan was happy to pose for photos and Henry had big blonde curls.

And there has been plenty of inspirational sketches to choose from this week - loving that I am back into scrapping again!!  How could I resist The Paper Variety's Guest Designer, Diana Fisher. I have missed Sketchy Thursday so very much and glad to see another one of her sketches popping up - yay!

 and here is my interpretation - Henry enjoying a swim in a spa that was at a hotel we stayed in. The goggles were fairly useless in that they filled up with water as soon as they were submerged but Henry thought they were cool.

And next sketch is over at my friend Irini's challenge site - Get Creative.. another gorgeous sketch this one by Melania.

 My Lo is fairly loosely based on the sketch - didn't quite manage the perfect circle, well ok it's more of a ripped shape but if you squint it's sort of circular (squint REALLY hard!!)

But don't you love this paper? It's for CD Muckosky over at  my very fav digi store The Lilypad. It's from a range called Dreams Take Flight, different from my usual style but really like it. 

And just to keep me  happy another knitting pattern cover - ahhh, love male models esp in happy yellow....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Nana's for AFSC

Well -  two posts in two days!! Huh, who knew I was capable of such prolific output???

Anyway onto the serious stuff - My Nana's. I had two very different Nans - Dad's mum was strongly Catholic with 11 living children (pregnant 16 times according to family tales), a farmer's wife and Mum's mother was married to a bank Manager Mason (how did Mum get away with marrying a catholic?). I'm guessing the few times they met would have been a very polite meeting but not much more.

Anyway, they were both my Nan's so I loved them both. They both lived very long lives, the last 20 or so years without their husbands. Glad I have very clear memories of both.
This months challenge at Another Freaking scrappy challenge is -

Use this sketch along with this challenge - Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in some countries – scrap a memory of your mother or grandmother, or another lady who has influenced your life greatly.

 And here are my Nan's, Alice and Dulcie -

Come and play, would love to read about some important women in your life.

I have also been playing along at The Lilypad again - this is for a template challenge -

And this one is for their random challenge - use a photo more then three years old - wasn't Henry a cutie back then??

The big thing that is making me happy at the moment is that the Interior designer has sent back some initial plans for the house and there are cupboards everywhere!!! Yay!!! I thought she just did colours but she hasn't even started on those yet - she has plotted every drawer, every little nook in the house - huge job - and the walk in pantry will be close to the size of our current kitchen - may just move in there..

and Irini, sorry to say they just laughed at me when I suggested a mini bar in the guest room...sigh.

have a good one and don't forget come and play with us!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Black and white with one

A couple of weeks ago, an email arrived pretty much saying - hey you might want to check this out. It was a call for entries to be shown At the Brisbane Papercraft show. They had a normal paper entry but they also had a digi section. The criteria was black and white with one with a 5x7 photo.

I threw together three Lo's - it didn't specify whether a black and white photo was required.  These are my two fav's -

and of course my least fav one got in! Not complaining - very excited to be a top 20 entry and have my work shown on a big screen - wish I could go see. Can't show it as the exhibition is on in a couple of weeks, but if you happen to be attending  keep an eye out for one that may look like it has Henry in it - just a hint.
 I really like the tomb raider Lo the best - good memories of Cambodia - Henry had a ball running through
the temples and posing near where Angelina hung out (although he had no idea why it was a popular place).

More house hunting today, a couple nearby, have to get it out of my head that we aren't buying these places, it's just temporary so doesn't have to be perfect. 

Making me happy today (or this week) is this lounge which we are about to order -
Girl not included I hope, don't need an extra louger in this house...

And also catching up on West Wing reruns -  I wouldn't mind Rob lounging around the house - please....

 hmmm, Geoff may not approve, will have to live with that I guess.

Have a good one, time for washing. sigh.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Spring...

Ok, we have just had our first morning of below zero temps so this post is purely wishful thinking...

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere (lucky people!) so the challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is Garden based.

1 May is springtime, and time to be out in the gardens.  Scrap something about your garden – how you love to be out in it, or what it means to you, or alternatively how you hate to be outside gardening at all.  If you are not a gardener -  you could also alternatively scrap about an outdoor sanctuary that you appreciate – perhaps your mother’s garden or a park????


We finally had our garden producing lots of yummy tomatoes this year, but by this time next year this is where our family room will be.    I have packed most of my supplies away so expect a few more digi Lo's in the next month - assuming that I produce something - you may have noticed my complete lack of blogging in the past few weeks - hopefully when we get the hassle of packing and moving out of the way I can get back into it.

 We are madly packing and hoping that a rental property that suits us will magically appear in the next couple of weeks - in the meantime the house continues to fight back - this is Henry's curtain where it had previously been attached to the wall - I just had to laugh (perhaps a wee bit manically when I pulled that little baby out...).

So finally my happy post for the week -

A new cooking book that makes me happy just to flick through it - (not the best photos sorry)


And a second happy post today - My friend Alicia has just had her first Baby - Nicholas Luke - 


Isn't he a cutie??
Alicia's blog is here - why not drop by and see some more photos? Love new babies!!

So back to the purpose of this post - pop over to Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - would love to see your garden!! xx