Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old and New

Get Creative's latest challenge is to redo your earliest scrapbooking efforts - same photo   
but updated LO. As all my photos and pages are packed up, I went to my first Digi attempt. I didn't know how to resize anything but I must have known about layers and stamps and that's about it. This one was done in 2006.

 And my updated version. Coincidentally, both Lo's were done entirely with freebies (although The Lilypad's Freebies, Jump for Joy, from their Facebook hop are just superb, love them, all still available if you follow their designers on Facebook)

 My latest style is a bit (lot) messier then the original but lots more colour and movement. I have done some Project Life Lo's, week by week for the start of the year (God bless Digital photography for making that easier) and they are much more structured -

 It's harder than it looks ( that's a slight lie, I used a template, so physically it was dead easy but mentally, being tidy - such a stretch for me...)

We finally signed a lease for our new rental, lots closer to both kids schools and bus routes - all good (ignoring the fact that Geoff will take longer to get to work..). Only for 5 months fingers crossed.

It's finally starting to feel cold here, had the heater on for the first time this weekend, love that dusty smell first time they are fired up. Our next rental will be over winter so hoping the heater works well. Seems to be ducted to every room, so vital in Canberra's winters.

Ok, back to sorting more junk to be thrown out - how do I accumulate so much stuff?? Getting easier to get rid of things now, Hopefully by the time we move into the new house, the Purge will be complete.

Have good one. xx

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A couple of template/sketch challenges

Things are staring to get busy here, so what do I do? Sit and play at the computer of course...

actually taking advantage of the time when
a) the monitor is working, very slow to fire up each day now, I fear it is on it's last legs; and
b) the elder two aren't  home, as both their laptops are in the process of being fixed (or not in Meaghan's case as it will cost more to fix it than to replace it - luckily it is still usable).

Anyway, Anne has another wonderful sketch up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge - this time challenging us with circles - love what all the girls have come up with. -

and here is mine -
 this photo is taken at Canberra's latest attraction - The National Arboretum. They have planted a gazillion trees in different forest types, will be truly a great place in about 20 years... In the meantime, they have put a couple of sculpture on the couple of hills within the forest as well as a couple of interesting buildings and a large amphitheatre - such a good use of public space.

And just for fun, the have their monthly freebie template over at the Lilypad -
More circles which I have conveniently ignored -

and this was part of the festivities at Easter when we all went camping at a friends house for his 45th birthday. Lots of highly flammable vegetation was piled up and went up a bit more vigorously than expected. No damage done.

Ok, back to packing. have a good one. xx

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mary Poppins

I will admit that this was one movie I could never get into as a child - I was more of a 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks" Disney girl... (and somewhere along the track, Mary Poppins merged with Peter Pan, always get them confused)

But having said that, I would love to see the musical.

And yes, these musings are leading somewhere -

At Child's Play the latest challenge is to base your work on Mary Poppins

I went the Umbrella route -

Luckily for my instant gratification fix, Splendid Fins at The Lilypad was selling an appropriate kit and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.Old photo of Henry looking very pleased because this was after a very long drought and rain was such a welcome sight. He has only owned one pair of gumboots in his time as a little boy as they just weren't needed for so many years... But he still loves his umbrella.

We have had an up and down week. I have struggled to get rid of a cold, Geoff hurt his back, Mum had a bit of a health scare, we had a few issues with the builder (nothing too catastrophic but really annoying) and we still didn't have anywhere to move to. Come weeks end, all issues with builders resolved, the scaffolding came down

Isn't it pretty?

and we now have a place to live, much closer to our old place and very close to Meaghan's school, Henry's school and Matt's girlfriend, so all happy. (well further away from Geoff's work but we can't all be perfect).  Mum is recovering from a mystery illness but all  tests negative.

And I survived two parent teacher nights with mostly good reports.

So currently in happy place - hopefully my lovely hawks will beat the nasty magpies today (AFL talk, my first love) and all will be well in the world! (just don't think about the packing..)

Hope you are all in an equally good place. x

Monday, April 8, 2013


Yep, we all go through them. At the moment, it's all about housing here. New house not being built quickly enough (instant gratification junkie, need what I want - NOW!!) and the added complication of finding a new rental as the owners are moving back here in 6 weeks. sigh. Convincing landlords that they really want someone for four or five months isn't easy territory but fingers crossed we will get something.

Anyway, my life is good, kids are good, husband has work and I don't - what could be better than that (and my beloved football team had a good win on the weekend). So again, time to stop complaining.

Should mention at this stage the latest challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is about your personal challenges. The girls have exceeded themselves this month, go check out their pages, you will be impressed!

House is only slightly further advanced than this, but work continues. Having a few issues around costs but I guess that is normal.

Not much else happening at  the moment, camping over Easter was enormous fun, will post piccys soon.

have a good one xx