Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Panic now..

24 days until we move - so much to do still and the timing will be tricky. And the day we are planning to move, Henry has a party (good) Meaghan is babysitting (she's not that impressed but needs the cash) and we have a trivia night (should be fun if we are not too wiped out).

We have had a bit of a nasty week here healthwise  - i think the house building is taking it's toll. Geoff ended up in Emergency with chest pains on Thursday but luckily they think it was just stress with work and the house. I had a bad cough and ended up straining (tearing?) a chest muscle which I am just getting over. I also had a fun 24 hour blood pressure monitor on (last check up, my BP was high for the first time ever - see house stress above!!) but the numbers it was putting out seemed to be around the normal mark again so that's ok. Kids are well (and ignoring the house still although Meaghan is getting desperate to see it now).

So in honor of this, a couple of house Lo's (all these are for various challenges over at The LilyPad) -

 and then to realise that instead of all this stress, we could be having this trip instead - sigh..

Only joking (partly), we know we are going to love it, almost there - we are feeling it is just like having a baby.Although instead of people patting my stomach, they are driving past - although it is nice that everyone is taking an interest.

Back to my panic attack now..


Monday, August 5, 2013

Get Creative Guest spot

You know how much I love the Get Creative challenge site and I always have fun when I guest there - this month is no exception!

Irini, clever lady and one of my favourite people, has come up with this very versatile sketch -

and I have come up with this -

One of the better weekends we have had camping - weather was kind to us and we were meters from the beach.

Would love to see what your interpretatin of the sketch will be!

Meaghan's friend Nada had a birthday over the weekend (so did Matt but more of that later) and she asked me top do a couple of pages for her ( I love it that Meaghan actually likes the stuff I do enough to give to her friends) and I came up with these couple

She hasn't seen them yet so hope they are ok (well too bad if they're not..)
plus she wants this one I did earlier in the year -

And the big event over the weekend (no, not Geoff's insane sister visiting, that was a highlight for different reasons...) but our boy turned 21!!

He chose a quiet day at home with us and Alex, his long term girlfriend, lots of presents, a nice family day - in between us running to  soccer and the house a couple of times) and then out to his favourite eatery for tea. back for malteaser covered cheesecake and then the unveiling of our major present for him. Alex is off next year studying in England for 6 months so we will pay fro Matt to go over there at some stage to join her. He was momentarily disappointed it wasn't an axolotl 
but quickly got over it... (guess what he is getting for christmas??)

We will also throw a party for him once we are moved, more for us than him I suspect...

Time to do some pretend housework