Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally some stuff

Geoff has been rebuilding our computer and I had lost access to all the photos, not good. Now they are all off site and today I still can't get at them so I shot a couple of projects I have been working on (nothing very serious of course). I am finally getting around to scrapping our holiday, and am really enjoying the process. A couple of months ago I was so sick of lookinf at the photos, I had no inspiration at all, but now am flying. I got a couple of kits form Cocoa Daisy which I love, as well as some transperecies form Hambly Prints, equally good.
Knitting is also flying at the moment, love to knit while I watch tele (can't scrapbook then). I have joined an online knitting group called Ravelry, which has loads of free patterns. The Dalek is for Matt, although Henry uses it as a footy, and the unfinished project is a mohair jumper for me. At night it looks black with a hint of green and purple, during the day all the varients stand out.
Hopefully tommorrow I can get some other photos up...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Glad yesterday is over...

Geoff and Matt were both home sick, ended up taking Matt to the doctor as he has had a cough for such a long time, and he was starting to get worried about it. The doctor found nothing to explain the cough and Matt felt immediately better.
Henry wet his bed for the first time in ages and as I had been sick the night before, I was worn out.
So Off to Matt's parent teacher interview (by myself as Geoff was too sick), with the prospect of a 1hour40 min wait between the second last and last interview. everything went well with the teachers, all glowing reviews which is always nice to hear. Sarah , his french teacher who went overseas with Matt was my second last interview and she fixed it so i wouldn't have to hang around for the last one. Fabulous woman.

Today I managed to do a quick digital layout with a free kit from Two Peas in a Bucket with pictures from Henry's kindy/ parent picnic at the start of the year. Love quick layouts where the pictures are cute enough to tell the tale.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy 1st birthday Emma

My youngest niece turned one yesterday, a nice mother's day present for Tracey.

Emma is just about walking and my kids think she is the best thing ever, like a big doll of their own. Now that Rob and Trace have moved to Corowa, which is on the way to Mum and Dad's we will get to see a lot more of her growing up, which is great as the kids don't have any cousins that live close to us.

Another 40th birthday

The lads, Col, Pete, Geoff and Dixon
Col and Margie

It really doesn't seem that long ago when we were doing the rounds of 21st birthday parties. We seem to have skipped the 30th's (too many kids, not enough babysitters) and plunged into the 40's.
This time it was one of my oldest friends, Col. We met in the first week in uni in (hold breath) 1986. His wife Margie ended up being one of my bridesmaid's, although we see less of them now as they live in the hills the other side of Bungendore.

The gathering was in one of the Bungendore pubs, with many old pictures being handed around as well as some very yummy food. A very good night although getting home at 1am did not set me up for a good mothers day as I had to be up by 7am to get Matt to hockey - very rude. ( I will excuse Geoff this year as he had a monster week at work and could possibly have still been over the limit from the night before...)

This was also Matt's first official night as babysitter, to the disappointment of the other two as they truly love our usual lovely girl. I can strongly recommend this as we didn't have to keep an eye on the clock, very relaxed night.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kim Archer classes

I have finally gotten back into scrapbooking again. I feel the need to complete our holiday in pick up and hold way not just on the computer.
Last week I participated in a week long class of ideas for scrapbooking presents for mother's day, run by Kim Archer, a very talented scrapbooker. I made a drawer sachet for Mum, a tiny photo book for my brother and sister-in-law and the layout form New Years Eve. Such quick projects but very effective. Shall defiantly be keeping an eye out for more classes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Matt has returned

Matt got back from his big trip a week ago and has probably just gotton over his jet lag. It sounds as though the kids had a great time, as you would hope.

His host family sounded lovely which was going to be the hardest thing if you didn't get along with them, then that's half the trip ruined.
Matt saw all the sights from the Normandy beaches, Australian war sites, Le mons, the da Vinci museum, the louvre to name just a very small part of the trip, as well as popping into Belgium for the day, sampling chocolates, as you do.

He is keen to go back in his gap year to see the rest of europe, and will also continue doing French up to HSC level, so that all worked out well.


Henry started Auskick on Friday. When asked in term 1 whether he wanted to play soccer or Aussie rules he wanted the game where he could pick the ball up. This was much to my relief as Auskick is on a Friday afternoon and Soccer is early Saturday morning, not an easy thing to get out of bed during a frosty Canberra winter.
There were a couple of kids he knew from school and preschool there and only got upset when there was a mix up with his partner about who should get the ball. Repeat after me, big breath, small problem.....
Any way he was happy with his stash, and wore his cap all weekend and took the bag, drink bottle and lunch box to school and is keen to go back next week. All good.