Thursday, April 29, 2010

More from cocoa Daisy's Spring crop

Challenge - strawberries and cream, using a colour palette that reminds you of strawberries and cream - funnily enough... That to me points in the direction of Websters Pages, and lace. I like the way it turned out in the end, far girlier than I usually work with.

This was photo taken of Meaghan in preschool, she would have nearly have been 5 by then, such a long time ago. She is so different now, not quite so easily led (thank goodness). Love this photo of her, looking so very thoughtful.

Challenge 11- picnic in the park- a sketch (if you wanted to use it, and i did) and the theme was something to do with food. So here is our Meaghan cooking up a storm for brekky on Mother's and Father's day. Yummy xx

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Studio - New Site

The Studio's challenge site has a new address - it can be found here. Go check it out. Now...

As guest designer (yay) for April a couple more of my LO's have gone up. The first (challenge is to create a male page without using blue)is one of my fav's for quite some time- to do with Matt having his legs waxed (instead of shaving his head as the rest of the yr 12 boys did). the look on his face is priceless, and the photo of the wax strip on the inside of his head makes my eyes water...

(should explain it was all for a charity- Scrap for Cure - for Leukemia research, the boys raised $1000's so well worth the effort)

the challenge for the 18th April was to create a layout where you didn't take any photo's. I had been wanting to do one about my memories of the 2003 Canberra bush fires for quite some time. I was heavily pregnant with Henry and quite worried about delivering him in the middle of the emergency, didn't happen though (thank goodness!)


All in all a scary time.

So go on over and join in the challenges or at least check out the other ladies very inspirational contributions this month.

Back to school tomorrow, not looking forward to the whole lunch/ironing thing but i guess it will be nice to have the house to myself for a while. xxx

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cocoa Daisy Crop

Cocoa daisy is currently having their Spring Crop. So many lovely challenges and lots of fun chats. The Lo's everyone has been coming up with are astonishingly good. All very inspiring.

The downside (for me anyway) is that just about everyone else is on the other side of the world and all the interesting stuff is happening while I am in the land of nod.

next time i will have to send Geoff and the kids off for the weekend so I can sleep during the day and scrap in real time, in my jim jams.

Anyway this is my contribution so far-

Challenge 3 - clotheline sketch (love this one by Ronda)

Challenge 1 - butterflies are free (use butterflies in a non springLo)

And a Little RAK name tag from things only found on your desk.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Holiday Fun

The weather in Canberra for the past fortnight has been perfect, lots of warm sunny, windless days and cooler nights. We have spent these holidays determined to get out every day, sometimes just wandering around, sometimes to visit Canberra's local attractions. we also made it across to Grandma's on the coast.

Lots of photo opportunities but not much time for scrapping. Luckily there appears to be a nice convergence of Canberra's weather turning nasty tomorrow and Cocoa Daisy is having a spring crop (ahh taunting me as winter starts to beckon here...)

In the meantime I managed to get a couple done today first for sketchy Thursday, i missed last weeks for the first time in an age and I have to admit this is a fairly loose interpretation of the sketch. It is Henry having an absolute ball in the surf at Mollymook. Geoff also went in, Meaghan and I didn't quite make it under but the water was surprisingly warm.

This one is for page maps, for a cracker of a prize, loving this Couture Cardstock, haven't seen it locally yet. We went to the local aviary (conveniently located near our local scrapping store, where I may or may not have spent a little bit on the way out...)

Meaghan loves visiting the bird aviary (Henry likes the idea but is less keen on the birds actually landing on him ). This bird initially came to me but I handed him over to Meaghan where this little fellow decided that Meaghan's Hair was the best smelling item ever. He kept burrowing in and nibbling her neck, very funny. The shampoo she used must be lovely and fruity I suspect.

A lot of the supplies are from the latest Cocoa Daisy kit, which, as we don't have any active volcano's near us, got here on time, yay. It is full on lots of goodness this time, wish I had ordered more stuff, but I always think that.

Nice long weekend here for ANZAC day, Herny watched Kokoda on the tv last night so we are taking him off to the War Memorial over the weekend, seems appropriate.

have a great weekend, I may catch up with some of you {hopefully} at the crop. xx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Magic

Matt was invited to his first (of what I suspect will be many this year) 18th party last Saturday and it had a fantasy theme. The one gene Matt has inherited from us is a joy in dressing up for parties. He had so many layers on, it's a wonder he didn't cook but it was worth it for the effect.

The sketch is for a sketchy Thursday second chance challenge. The prize is some very yummy Lawn Fawn stamps. Not usually a big stamp user but these are so cute and I may have to invest in some myself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sketchy Thursday 4.8

After a week of rediscovering my digital side, it's back to paper and glue, but still with a 'visiting my past' theme. The photo of the Lo is pretty ordinary, sorry.

This is my first communion outfit. Mum made it along with the veil, as she made a lot of my going out clothes in primary school. I also wore socks and sandals, I am pretty sure that wasn't my decision.

First communion was quite a nerve wracking experience, although not as bad as first confession time...

My charming older brothers, in an effort to calm me, told me the communion wafer tasted like peas, my most hated of foods. Thank you very much. It actually tastes more like cardboard...

Anyway I survived and have the photos to prove it.


I stumbled onto this site, Scrap the music, after seeing Tessa's beautiful Lo from last week. As soon as I heard the opening chords of footloose I knew I had to scrap something, anything. This song is just so addictive, and of course being an 80's song I thought I would head back there (again, I know...).

This is my favourite photo from then, a time when you said yes to everything, especially dressing up for a party. These boys around me, well I married the tall one (whose 21st we were celebrating), another is still a close friend (One of Geoff's best men), and the rabbit's wife was one of my bridesmaids. The one in green became an Amway seller in the 90's (need I say more) and we have since lost touch...

Life certainly didn't pass us by then (although it does seem a bit that way now, sigh...)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SPPC #42

This is Mum and her family in Woy Woy in 1963. Mum would have been the old married sister at this stage. (Aunty Jenny is on the far left and Uncle Johnny at the back).

My Grandfather was the local Bank Manager, this was his last posting.

Nan would have been bowling, which Mum is now completely addicted to as well. Hmm maybe it's genetic, I think it's up to you Unkie Rob to keep the family tradition going..

The colours are from SPCC, and I kept it simple, just a hint of eggplant.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

After a very lovely four day holiday, absolutely perfect weather time for the latest challenges.

First some news, the very lovely Amanda asked me to be guest designer for April at my favouritest place, The Studio. Being spring in the northern Hemisphere (I am missing warmer weather already...) the theme was New Life. I took the photo of this mother and her ducklings while on one of my bike rides around the lake. Bird life abounds in spring time, and these along with the moorhen chicks are the cutest. Have to say am not a big swan fan, a bit gangly as chicks and just plain scary when grown up!!

The latest Butterfly Crafts challenge is up. Who knew I would ever post a picture of Avril Lavigne on my blog but there we go. The challenge is to take inspiration from the ad. I don't really do hot pink so I kept that to a minimum, just some misting, but took to the black and the sparkles to show off my latest addition to my shoe cupboard. i went looking for some lovely winter shoes, preferably red, and came out with sparkly black sandals, how could I resist? So still looking for my red shoes.

And finally my first Easter LO for Sketchy Thursdays. I went digital for this one, loved the way the egg's reflection shone off the shiny bowl.

We had one of the best Easters yet. We stayed home (unlike most of Canberra) and had a nice sleep in. We then jumped in the car and headed out to Mt Majura to catch the end of the 24hr Australian mountain bike championships (those people are certifiable) but a lovely relaxing walk in the woods for us.

Back for our traditional Easter egg Hunt, miraculously all eggs were accounted for, some sort of record, the birds usually score a few.

Geoff and I then had a lovely ride around the lake, then dragged the kids out for a family quick ride, we even convinced Matt to come along.

The evening was spent playing card games and Cluedo although Geoff and I got quite tetchy with a late one on one game of Uno and interpretations of rules (surely I am always correct???).

All in all a fab weekend.
Hope yours was the same. xx