Sunday, December 21, 2008

very happy outcome

I will admit to being a bit sad about dropping my little owls off but am more than rapt at the outcome. They were picked up quickly and will be heading off overseas - how exciting. The toy society recieved the following email -

My name is Kate and I found two beautiful hand knitted owls down by Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia.

I work in a charity run childcare centre in the area and I was delighted to find these treasures!

One of the children at the centre was having his last day today and is moving to Indonesia. I thought that these two lovely little owls would have a wonderful home with him.

What a heart warming project you run, finding these toys was the most moving experience I have had for a very long time.

Thank you!



Can't wish for more than that - shall be doing more in the new year. Please have a look at all the wonderful toys being dropped off around the world. Love the good feeilng something like this brings - a truly good way to spend christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Toy society drop

Love this idea, hand made toys are left in clear bags in visible places for anyone who walks past, hopefully they report back when the toys have a new home. I decided my little birds were ideal candidates for release into the wide world, although it was hard to say goodbye...

Anyway keep an eye on and hopefully we can see were they end up. Love the boy scouts from Ottawa and their very cool toys and the exceptionally interesting places that they drop them. Love that the web brings all sorts of people together.

A day of sewing

I was so over christmas shopping and then realised I hadn't quite finished as both Meaghan and Henry's teachers who really did deserve to be aknowledged and the kids do love giving them presents. So a day on the sewing machine, I stuck a movie on and made them some christmassy coasters. Really enjoyed not having to think too much. I also made the seahorse for Henry's teacher as his kindy class were known as the seahorses (from this pattern). Henry picked out the penguin pencil which is very cute.

Then to top off my sewing day, used some of the leftover material to make a bag to place a bottle of wine in for some friends of ours - big fan of this, makes an ordinary present seem a bit special for very little time.

On a sloghtly related note, Henry received a hand made card from his year 6 buddy yesterday and he wrote the nicest things inside that I have to share them -

"I wish this year would go slower so we can spend more time together but it went too fast. I hope you enjoy your years in primary school and I hope I will see you again Fare well Paul."

I know Henry has loved having Paul as a buddy - a great system.

Off to do a toy drop for the toy society, what a fun idea and then christmas cards I guess.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matt on holidays

Matt was supposed to finish school (year 10!!) last Tuesday, but got an email late Sunday night telling him he was in the hockey team for a tournament that week. So he had half a day on Monday to clean out his locker and then off to hockey for the week. For the most part he enjoyed it, with the full range of weather, from very hot too the final which was our wettest day in years.
His team made the grand final which was impressive as there were teams from interstate as well as locals (the Tassie team did not do themselves a service to the point of on of their referees being sent off - and now have a very poor reputation). The final was one sided - not ours unfortunately with a Melbourne team winning in a very soggy game. A good way to spend the week - and I think I have to plant a couple of trees for the amount of time I spent in the car.

On a happy note, one of my friends had her first baby in the middle of the night yesterday. He was very late and I suspect Dania had a torrid time, ending with an emergency caesar. But Nikolaas Frederick Warmerdam has arrived safely.

Friday, December 12, 2008

For Rob and Trace

Love this photo of my niece Emma. Much competition between Grandchildren for nan and Pop's attention since Emma arrived (curse you). I think they have an unfair advantage living so close (not to mention the fact that Emma is very cute and has shown she is a wonderful little personality as this photo shows).

Hard to get the kids competitive juices flowing as well when they adore her as well. You may have won this round baby brother but we will find a way back (perhaps money may work...).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Year 6 farewell assembly

A few tears were dropped (by parents not the kids) yesterday as Meaghan and her cohorts were farewelled by the school. It wasn't the dreaded boring yr 6 farewell that was endured a few years ago when Matt left. Meaghan has had a good year with a few dramas, that they all survived with a closer friendship group as a result. Unfortunately they are going to different schools next year but I suspect there will be much messaging and texting between the 4 of them.
They had a teacher who suited them (it was the second year that the wonderful Michelle Staningford had taught them so she knew them well. Very appreciated.
I think I will be a mess when Henry leaves (or maybe thankful after spending countless years at the one primary school - the disadvantage of having well spread kids) - only 6 more years to go...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am loving glitter at the moment - luckily it is Christmas so I can indulge. The JOY hanging is a kit from Cocoa Daisy, very simple and very glittery. Meaghan was showing it off the other day to friends, so mustn't be too daggy. The downside of all this is that I am often seen covered in glitter, it sticks to everything, including husbands and children, so I tend not to point out when they are a bit glittery, what they don't know, etc.

The assortment of creatures is our mantle piece chrissy display. Love the smooth texture of these creatures, always want to pick them up just to run my fingers over them, they will probably have no colour left soon. I do love collecting Christmas decorations it has to be admitted. I don't do many lights, our house doesn't suit and I would be afraid of burning it down, or more likely flipping the safety switches which is a common enough occurrence as it is. Collecting ornaments is an entirely different matter. I think I will have to do a LO on my Hallmark addiction (there is a sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

first day at high school

It has been one of those mornings. Matt informed me late last night that they were having their party for french tomorrow and was there any food he could take? Hmm always a couple of hours late with the requests. Fortunately (?) Meaghan was having her orientation day at her new high school (how nervous was she?) and we could go by the shops, drop him off then Meaghan and finally Henry, who having been dragged out of bed, hadn't eaten brekky and ended up being 1/2 and hour late. all good fun especially when the petrol tank indicator was flashing at an alarming rate.
Any way this layout is to note how quickly the kids have grown up, it couldn't have been 4 years ago when my little girl was still, well, little. Sigh.