Sunday, January 12, 2014

Explanation (finally)

Nothing too exciting but my last post had this Lo

all due to the fact that I was in a bit of a hurry to post on The Lilypad's forum and could not remember my Flikr account password and I couldn't put it in my normal gallery for various boring reasons...

The Lilypad is having a month of challenges, which I  love but have already acknowledged that I will not  come close to completing, so I am picking an choosing at a nice relaxed pace. The above Lo was part 1 in a do over challenge - this being one of my first digi efforts. I gave Matt a complete makeover and finished with this -

more my current style (and at least I have some vague idea of how to use Photoshop now!)

A couple of others I have completed came from our quick trip to the mountains just after Christmas

 (yep, be impressed, I walked to the top of Australia's tallest mountain - ok, so maybe 5 yo's were skipping past me and my knees gave ot on the way home, but hey, tallest mountain people!!!)

 and an Arty page (which I really like)

Lots of fun.  I'm off to Mum and Dad's tomorrow - forecast of above 40C every day - but they have aircon and a pool, so all sweet. Possible last minute holiday may be planned when we get back, madly trying to organise kids passports just in case.

So Lizzy and Mitra, sleep well now I have explained my odd boring previous post xxx

Friday, January 10, 2014


Ignore this, will explain later...