Friday, May 10, 2013

I hate moving (warning - text heavy post)

Oh Yeah - that's right moving is truly awful, and this time we couldn't just up and leave and have all our mess smushed into a bazillion pieces - so that meant some intense cleaning - and more cleaning and then more cleaning - sigh...

We got the  keys on Friday, had the movers Saturday and picked up most of the rest on Sunday. Inspection was Tuesday morning and I spent much of the intervening time and my hands and knees, scrubbing. It wasn't even that dirty but I didn't want to miss anything. Tuesday night I came home after 9:30pm and collapsed in a blubbering heap in bed...

Our manger was only young but any dusting, cleaning I may have missed, he either pointed it out for me to run a cloth over or he did it himself. Last inspection (granted it was 20 years ago), we had a cow who pulled out the white gloves as soon as she walked in, didn't bother checking the pre rental condition report and tries to charge us because a couple of light fittings were dusty - which was an improvement on the greasy state we found them in).  

We are still waiting to see if we get our bond back, there was a big water leak a couple of months ago and the carpet in Meaghan's room was pretty much ruined - not our fault and we rang our property managers many times, so Geoff will hit the roof if they try to pin that on us.

The new rental is about half the size of our last one and we were feeling quite depressed about squeezing in here at the start of the weekend (and the fact that one light was permanently on, several lights were blown, the garage with 70% of our belongings were stored didn't lock as promised and the laundry door didn't have a key). But now that some of the boxes are unpacked, I put my own lock on the garage - go me -  I am more than happy at it's smaller size - less cleaning at the end and easier to heat over the next few months.

And Meaghan is walking to school and it only takes me less than 5mins to drive Henry, I am enjoying it.

So now, we are having a procession of tradesmen through this house to fix the problems and I am slowly unpacking, and getting rid of more stuff. And the Internet speed is faster, so am a happy camper for the most part - although I still need to spend half my day resting, still getting over the weekend...

Ok, onto the good stuff - two challenges began last week.

first Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is another good one - tripping down memory lane -
What did you want to be when you grew up? 
 A doctor? A fireman? A nurse? An astronaut? A mummy??

I of course wanted to work with animals. I didn't know girls could be farmers then, otherwise that's what I would have wanted, although in hindsight, I would not have made a good farmer - I hate mornings..

And Child's Play has a skipping rope as inspiration this week. None of my children skipped (the thought of Matt attempting anything as coordinated as skipping would have been amusing to watch - does that make me a sadistic mother??) so I just used a skipping girl image.

Now I just have to work out how to get our digital photos etc photos from our off computer storage, it's not letting me at the moment. My plan to spend the day  digi scrapping could be somewhat hindered by that...

have a good one, back to normal blogging soon. xx