Monday, February 18, 2013

Not to be outdone...

Well apparently, Mia has decided to run with (ie steal) my spunky men in gorgeous knits idea, so I must fight back!!

Love a man who can carry off the poncho look

 I'm pretty sure this doesn't even need a caption, will leave that up to you my good readers...

Equally, I love it when a man feels the need to tuck his animal skin print singlet into his undies...

so the ball is now back in your court Mia!!(unless you are willing  to graciously concede defeat and begin some other obscure challenge, eg better parenting/wifey practices, then I will play along)

ps click on pics to get original websites, the yellow bike man came from a particularly good site full of vintage knitting patterns, The Retro Knitting Company

back to normal blogging tomorrow. xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Page Drafts times 2

My lovely and very talented friend, Em, has a blog full to the brim with wonderful sketches to play with. And last week it was Page Drafts first birthday - along with Henry's and Em's son Tige, all on the same day - how could I  not play along??

Out of the 5(!!!!) new drafts she has up I chose this one -

And of course I had to use a photo from Henry's birthday- blowing out the candles on his cake -

Possibly the only photo of the night that didn't include a sauce bottle that Meaghan thought should be included in every shot -thank you Meaghan for that...

                                                                   and so on...sigh

Em has also teamed up with the challenge site CSI and come up with this combo -

And here is my offering - from our trip down to Victoria just after Christmas. 

 Fascinating place to wander, esp on a not so hot day -  although we couldn't find the cave that was rumoured to be nearby.

Have had a stressful couple of days as we have been given notice to move out of our rental towards the end of May but the house probably won't be done until July... And the real estate agent hasn't called us back to see if we can possibly extend. sigh again.

have a good one. xx

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Flakes in Summer

hmmm, think my  next line should be 'whiskers on kittens" or some sort of "brown paper package tied up with string" (now I have the song suck in my head).

Anyhoo, Get Creative latest challenge is to incorporate snowflakes on your LO (I managed to sneak 3 in). As it happens, The Lilypad also has a challenge up to use a digi kit where the theme of the kit does not match the topic of the page. I went with Sahlin Studio's "Autumn Frost' Kit with a photo taken of Meaghan last week when we were in the Blue Mountains and Lordy it was hot!

Geoff and I both noticed that many of the males of a certain age group (ie much younger than us, sigh) we encountered over the next few days all smiled and said hello to her... getting so grown up now.

Hoping to catch up on my scrapping this week, the kids are all settles back at school/uni and Geoff has gone to Brisbane for the week before starting his new job next week.  We went to a very cool 70's party last night were the hosts went above and beyond the theme. All the snacks were 70's classics and Blue Lagoon cocktails were available by the jug (those who indulged seemed to dance more than those who did not..) So those along with lots of holiday photos and Henry's birthday should keep me busy.

I'm off to rewash my hair now as the amont of product used is still making my hair sort of crunchy..
Cheers xx

PS I finally have picked out of the hat a winner for my blog hop from so long ago

Buffy Esser

 I loved your babbling as well - I have also been known to babble quite alot... so send me an email at kwray01(at) gmail(dot)com abd I will post out a little pack of goodies for you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back again part 2

I know I promised to lift my game last post but then we went away for a long (very fun) weekend and then the kids have been getting ready for school and I caught a nasty tummy bug. So just back to feeling vaguely normal again.

Two new challenges have been launched since I last blogged.

Firstly, Another Freaking Scrappy challenge is to scrap about your passion. I was going to do books as I would give up nearly everything (even chocolate!) before I would give up reading but I have covered this topic many times before so onto something I have been craving for a goodly while now - travel. Esp reading about Lizzy heading off on her wonderful trip and Mitra's trip to Peru - all wonderful and has given us all itchy feet. But the monster house (with the new unthinkable mortgage) has kept out wanderings local.

This is a photo taken while we were at the top of a hill in Laos, trying to work out how to get back to our hotel. Fun times.

And Child's Play has a Tea Set challenge - my little nieces were perfect for this.

And I still haven't drawn a winner for my blog hop challenge, that is next on my to do list - sorry for the delay.

It is Henry's 10th birthday today, he is so excited, took a bucketload of cupcakes off to his class to share. He is now in year 5 and seems pretty happy with his class this year (two days in). Meaghan has hit year 11, very unimpressed with having to go back to a uniform that goes all the way down to her knees...

And Matt is starting to consider doing a double degree in Creative Writing and Museum studies, he is a year in and only needs to pick up an extra two subjects over the next two years so that is good. 

Ok, enough of this rambling post - come and  play with us, we'd love to see your work! Off to make a cake. xx