Tuesday, April 28, 2009

peace and quiet

trudging off to school, leaving wally (the cat) and I all by ourselves...mmmm

ps henry did go off as well but a little later as he doesn't have to catch the bus (and he was looking forward to it, unlike two others I could mention).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this may seem like an ad...

fancy pants journalling tag book

can't have too many ribbons

This is my yummy cocoa daisy kit, love it that's all I can say.

Monday, April 20, 2009

second week of hols

This was for a competition at designer
digitals using only
their products.

Henry's hair looks positively flat in
comparison to now...

I have been in a scrappy frenzy this week, mostly digital but am now dabbling back in the paper side of life as well, esp as my cocoa daisy kit arrived this morning. So many yummy things.

We have had a busy weekend, with long bike rides, kids going for sleepovers and putting in a new mailbox (Geoff did very well not to swear longly and loudly when he cut not so cleanly right through our watering system). Henry started tennis this morning and the other two were barely out of bed by the time we came back, ah teenagers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter long weekend

We hadn't been across to see Geoff's mum in Mollymook since Christmas so we decided to brave the crowds and head to the coast for Easter. The traffic up until Braidwood was the worst we had encountered without there being an accident involved, both coming and going (50minutes on the way back to travel 12km from out of Braidwood to the town). It flowed ok after that thank goodness, although the delay and stop start travel resulted in Henry being carsick for the first time in years - weren't we in a good mood by the time we arrived...

The rest of the weekend went reasonably smoothly, with trips to the beach, lots of family time and of course the egg hunt in the back yard, always a high light. And it was lovely to sit and watch the rain no matter where we are, and especially nice to come back to a wet Canberra with another 2 inches of rain to come - nothing better.

The two lo's are both layered templates for photoshop, so easy to drop in photos and choose papers. The top is from Pencil lines, which has free templates every week or two and the second (along with the papers) is from Ali Edwards kit, esp for SongBird Ave. This digital scrapbooking company supports a different charity every month, with this months profits form Ali's kit going to Austism charities (in America, but still a good cause). Love the clean lines of Ali's work, must try that myself more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I was browsing Urban Threads earlier in the year, they have some very funky stuff, when this pattern popped up (for free - nothing better). This was to celebrate Edgar Allen Poe's 200th birthday. This sort of thing appeals to Matt and he asked if I could make one for him. So I did, any excuse and it was so easy. i finished the stitching a while back and finally got around to painting the thin brown wire and did a quick quilt job on the black material. If Matt gets sick of it, it will make a great place mat!

It is now residing outside his bedroom replacing a photo of him skiing when he was 8, which i broke the other day (doh) much to Matt's relief as along with most teenagers, doesn't like to be reminded he was little and cute once.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

quickest lo ever

less than 15minutes - love my ACDsee photo manager which i have just about finished organising all my digital kits and bits into.
Need grunge paper? Before i had to search through all files, resulting in me generally using the same papers and elements over and over, now I just head for papers category, sub heading patters, sub sub category grunge - love it. if only the rest of my life could be so easily organised....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Voodoo doll

Geoff has been having boss 'issues' at work lately so i offered to make him a voodoo doll to take out his frustrations. This offer was very quickly taken up with appropriate business suit and the standard pink shirt this said boss wears constantly. This little man came about quite quickly in the end, fairly pleased with the result, although the tie is a bit dodgy and covers up his black, black heart.

What is not shown in these photos is the added on paint bits, that represent very graphically the habit his boss has of picking his nose (and yes consuming it afterwards, so very gross). I will leave that to your imagination, and I am sure you will thank me for that image..

last mixed media class

We all got together last Thursday for our last class with the lovely Rebecca. We had all done our own versions of her pretty girls and they all turned out so different from each other but all wonderful. Such a lot of fun.

Mine was fairly messy (as is my way) but Meaghan wants it for her room so that's ok. Louise's reminded me of the 70's with the colours and circles (love those circles, use them constantly on my digital pages) and although I don't think she liked it (self criticism is the harshest as we all know) the rest of us did like it. She is such a good artist (ie Louise can get people to look like real people, unlike the alien efforts I end up with after any attempt), very envious.

I think it was universally accepted Jo's was the stand out on the night, after the disastrous start the week before, the end result was fabulous.

It was a great experience and I suspect this course will influence my scrapbooking in the near future. Must look to do something equally interesting next term (if I can get organised maybe the bollywood dancing will eventuate...)