Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank you

To my brothers and wider family, I've come to appreciate them and their values in the past few days more than ever.

Things have been a bit difficult here, without going into details, settling Geoff's Mum's estate has been an unpleasant and somewhat rushed affair. My tip is get your parents to write down very specific items they wish to go to certain family members, because just splitting everything three ways in a general unspecified way does not work...

Ok, have spent all my last few posts being sad and stressed, need good, happy news. This week, we will sign the contract for our new house (ok added layer of stress but good stress), and everyone is healthy at the moment. yay.

And I have been doing a bit of digi scrapping because facing my paper supplies is overwhelming me and I am feeling zero joy from that. But a enjoying The Lilypad currently. Each digi store seems to me to follow a certain scrapping style and The Lilypad is just me plus also extending me. And I will admit I love the instant gratification factor of outlaying just a couple of dollars to receive immediately lots of, well, just stuff. Retail therapy. All good.

Lastly a little Lo I threw together to show some of my fav photos of Henry when Meaghan asked him to pose for her for an art project. he is supposed to look like he is enjoying himself...

Will be back tomorrow with a wrap up of my 10000 steps for 7 days.

Have a great day. xx

Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally getting my hands inky

Ok, getting back into normal life. Henry is still home but thinks he can now swallow without it hurting so should be better for school by Monday (fingers crossed).

And I have managed to scrap a page about our house fighting back. It has developed a very vindictive personality in the past month and is managing to break as many appliances as it can find as well as leaking for the first time...

Anyway, we will have the last laugh when we push it over! (actually will be a sad day as well but looking forward the new house more and more).

I have used this sketch from The Paper Variety and have listed all that has broken down in the month of March. And thank you Mitra for reminding me that TPV was working with The Scrapfit girls to have a combined challenge so it also eligible for that. Don't forget to come and play at both Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge and at Get Creative. You have until the end of the month for both of them and they both have terrific prizes.

Have a good day, hope your weather is better than here (cold, cold, cold and windy!). xx

Another bad day

Our very much loved cat Wally had to be put down today.

He had been losing weight slowly over the past year and I have been in denial. We blamed the new little kitten from next door who moved on a more than semi permanent basis to our house. He ran away and Wally did get a bit of his old spring back but getting back from Ethleen's funeral on Tuesday, I realised he must have lost half a kilo in two days. A visit to the vet confirmed what we feared. he was severely dehydrated and had large tumors in his kidneys.

The decision was taken and within minutes, he was no longer in pain. He purred until he left us, his purring was the reason we picked him out from his brothers and sisters at the RSPCA so many years ago (April 1st as i t happened). He has moved house with us and welcomed Henry into the family as well.

No more pets for a while now.

Henry has had a bad virus and been home, with Matt picking up a bug as well - it had been a long sad month and I am more than ready for March to be over!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A swag of digi Layouts...

Ok, two challenges are up and I hope you can come and play along with both.

In no particular order -Our lovely Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge has a new one up - a sketch and an Easter memory using Spring colours (although in the southern hemisphere we may forgive you using autumn colours, just put a little explanation in your blog..).

Here is the sketch

and here I am, a pink dressing gown clad three and a half year old, clutching the one dollar note our Nan gave us each Easter - such a treasure!

Isn't the bunny cute? He is available here over at The Lilypad.

I am still one of the Guest Designers over at Get Creative (how I love this site!) and it is a sketch challenge -


and here is my interpretation -

Happier times at Grandma's 80th birthday earlier in the year. One of my favourite family photos.

And finally an entry in one of the Lilkypads challenges for March- use the colour orange.

Thank you all for your lovely words of comfort on Geoff's Mum's passing. We are heading off tomorrow, with the funeral being held on Monday.

Go check out all the talented Designers on both sites, you won't be dissappointed. xxx