Thursday, November 29, 2012

Steam Punk Bogong Moths

Well, they are just lovely worn, metal Bogong moths at one of the entrance gates at our nearest National park - Tidbinbilla. It's only 20 mins drive from here and has lots of walks, this is the entrance to the easiest one, a stroll around a small wetland - all paved or borads across the lake - just a lovely way to spend an hour or so.

I have used a sketch from Get Creative , using Maya de Groots 'Zen and the Art of Steam Machines' one of my favourite kits at the moment.

Unfortunately, Henry has had gastro all week, although beginning to recover now - no vomiting thank goodness but you really don't need to know any more details than that...

House is coming along nicely now - if you want to see some photos go here, after a few stops and starts, we are finally getting a bit excited!

Other than that, pretty quiet here, weather is the hottest it has been all year - including all of last summer, so we are currently enjoying that, sprinklers are out and played in (not enough room in the backyard for our little pool, so we have to make do with sprinklers).

Still a couple more days to join in the fun at Child's play and Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, lots of very cool prizes up for grabs!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

texture and shabbiness, mmmm

Not much to talk about today - feeling a bit uninspired word wise but happily am getting back into the paper scrapping - Yay!

Henry was home with a cold yesterday and oddly enough gave me the excuse to stay home all day! Having browsed the web in the morning, was inspired by Lizzy's LO for Let's get Shabby - if ever there was a challenge site I should be stalking, this is it.  They are just coming to the end of their latest challenge, summer themed with the following colours to choose from

I choose white, sand and seaside (well sort of turquiosish as well) -


My beloved with the delusions of youth (and even then, he apparently wasn't the most capable of surfers..) He has given the board to a friend who has a house near the beach.

Look, some depth and texture on my page - so much fun.

And the latest sketch at Scrap Friends is irresistible -

Was very excited to win a voucher for their store a couple of weeks ago - am slowly picking out some very yummy supplies (possibly involving lots of washi tape) from their wonderful store - so good to see quality affordable stuff in Australia, very rare.

Ok, washing and then more scrapping. Also a bit excited as after some delays, the drainage will begin on our new house today (see what an exciting life I lead???)

cheers xx

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Friday

Nice sunny day here at the moment, supposed to be stormy later but usually nothing happens. Mum and Dad are visiting at the moment, about to take them for adrive around the countryside. They are back home tomorrow and normal life resumes.

Two challenges are up this week, firstly Child's Play is all about feathers, those nice speckly crafty ones. This one I admit I love the page, so nice and soft -

And a very versatile sketch is up at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge - not overly happy with my interpretation, a bit rushed as I had left it til the last minute - I'm so bad...

 Henry's school had their athletics carnival, more a fun day than a competitive one, and I forgot to go back and have a look. And of course Henry won a couple of races.

And when I went and picked him up, he asked the question..
'Did you see me win???"

"eep - sorry Hen, completely slipped my mind, was busy doing other stuff (poor excuse I know...)
Does this make me a bad mother?" / (Ok will admit I was fishing for the forgivement)

"well, yes Mum, it sort of does."


Anyway, - Both sites still have other challenges going on for the month, lots to choose from and some great prizes up for grabs.

Ok, have a good weekend, if you are a Twilight fan, enjoy the last movie - I myself am hanging out for the latest James Bond ( To Jo -  Geoff says I owe you an apology for being a movie snob and being amazed that you had not heard of Skyfall - so here is my very public apology and I am going to watch the first Twilight movie again this weekend so we may discuss it at next weeks tennis/movie review hour...)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Embrace the crazy

Embrace the Crazy is a  new collab for Studio 68 and Tracy Martin - it's so much fun. Everyone needs a bit of loony in their life and like most families, we do loopy well...

 This one's a bit messy (how odd for me..) - the photos are from a few weeks ago when we were visiting Mum and Dad and Meaghan channelled her inner child -(and she would hate seeing the 'lol' on the page, unusually for a texting teen, she refuses to use acronyms)

 and this one drags in elements from other Studio 68 kits -

Photos taken in a Hanoi hotel room, with some of Matt's hat collection. Lots of fun photos taken that night - Henry wins the cutest of course -
And to finish off, a page for the latest Digitally Sweet challenge - heavy metal -

Lots of elements from Maya de Groot's kit  - Zen and the Art of Steam Machines - so cool...

Mum and Dad are arriving for a few days visit so off to cleaning I must go.


Friday, November 9, 2012


Quick post today for Bird is the Word. They have a seasons challenge up and I choose Spring!! We have finally had some warmer weather and I have been loving it...

 I have gotten my thongs out and painted my nails so warm weather must be here. (and yes I know that thongs mean something else entiely elsewhere but I am sticking to calling my footwear thongs and I know I could call them rubber thongs but that is leading to a place I just don't want to go....)

  Good thing too as Henry's school is having their twilight fair tonight - it was predicted to rain but that has cleared - although a quick storm is always a chance at this time of the year.

and to finish off - one of my pages for A Lilypad challenge - using the word here -

Henry looking very cool in his sunnies - just ask him how cool he is - he WILL tell you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

autumn in spring...

It's raining today, first day in ages. It's supposed to continue for the next few days which figures as we have Henry's school twilight fair on Friday. It normally storms but this constant rain will be interesting. Half the school is closed down for roof repairs...

But the real reason for autumn in spring is that the northern hemisphere is well into autumn and their challenges reflect this. Not that I mind as autumn is a beautiful time of the year, but as I have have said before (constantly) I am ready for some heat!

This is for Digi Dares #299 - a page about autumn, which incorporates a ribbon, leaves, some paint and some plaid paper (right along the bottom edge). This photo was taken on a walk around Canberra's lake, a glorious walk most of the year. Extra nice in April...

The background paper is Anna Aspnes from her Great Outdoors kit over at Oscraps. Lots of stuff from the freebies treasure hunt on the weekend as well.

And one I put together for Red Carpet Studio - A clean and simple Lo. Tricky. This is about as clean and simple as I get -

This is Meaghan on her 16th birthday a month or so ago. She is - as always - attached to her itouch, receiving birthday wishes from her friends. All Elements are from The Lilypad.

I'm off to watch the election results now - I am a bit of a political nerd and the US elections has me fascinated - so very different from ours.

Have  a good one... xx

Monday, November 5, 2012

I think/I know...

- I have spent a bit too much money on digi scrapping supplies over the past 24 hours...

But in self justification mode - it is international Digi scrapping weekend and the specials and freebies have been too good to turn down AND I haven't spent very much on paper scrapping supplies for a couple of months now. So all good (in my mind anyway - needn't mention this little spending spree to Geoff - who needs to pay off our new house anyway??)

Ok, back to normal stuff - Another Freaking Scrappy challenge has the Nov challenge up and I am so looking forward to seeing your responses on this one - tell us about your first job (or near enough).

Mine was working as a strapper - and I think I've had this conversation before - it is not a misprint...

Every weekend I would head off to a little town or a big city show and spend the whole time getting progressively dirtier - suited me perfectly. I was not much of a rider to be honest but I loved getting the horses ready.  It was during the 80's and the showjumping scene was full of excesses. Alan Bonds daughter was heavily into it so Mr Bond (just before going bankrupt and heading to jail) threw alot of money to the upper levels to try to get his daughter into the Olympic team (successfully I believe). The person I worked for was top 10 at the time so I got to observe alot of rich people up close and boy are they a bit odd... Fun times.

I then went to uni  and onto the more glorified part time jobs of furniture removalist and kitchen hand - sigh...

And just a quick page about me for a Lilypad challenge -

 Abit of fun...

Back with more pages tomorrow - cheers xx

PS Welcome back Lizzy - so completely jeaous of your trip and can't wait to hear about it.