Monday, March 25, 2013

LilyPad Pages

Just a few of the challenge pages for The LilyPad this month

use the word 'you' in the title

 This is one of my favourites - it's a scraplift of one of the girls there - Sucali

and this is using new releases this month - love the border art esp -

Am now starting the joyous task of finding the next rental, hopefully somewhere either closer to Henry's school, or maybe close to where Geoff works and Matt goes to school. Am sick of battling the major roadworks they insisted on starting as soon as we moved between here and Henry's school every morning

Am now officially sick of waiting for the new house, it has reached the point just past excitement onto just finish it - and that is on a site that is going to plan. I would hate so much to be one of the (seemingly  common) builds were lots of things are held up. 

anyway, I am now packing, again. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am so Glad

....that my daughter is not in  the "Populars". You know the girls I mean (and in a private school, they are well funded, over the top populars)

Meaghan called me over to show me a photo one of the girls from her year had put up on facebook. For a party idea, she had chosen , wait for it - Victoria's Secret as the theme. They are 16. The girls were all wearing bustiers, one piece lingerie, french maids outfits and six inch black stilettos. Meaghan was gobsmacked and I was horrified.

 I am not a conservative parent, Meaghan has more than her fair share of very short dressers and shorts but to be honest, these girls looked like high class hookers.  Part of me thinks that it is good they are so confident but it was such an inappropriate way of celebrating this confidence. If they were a couple of years older, then yeah, go for it but 16??

Meaghan was most intrigued with the fact that the girls' mother and grandmother were happy to post these photos up as well. And the big question is - where do they go from there? Next party has to be more shocking - so glad Meaghan has wonderful friends.

I have used a sketch from Get Creative and lots of Boho Bliss from The LilyPad. Gorgeous girls.

Sigh, I now feel like an old woman.

have a good one.

Monday, March 18, 2013

AFSC sketch and welcome some new DT's

Anne has another great sketch up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge and we re welcoming several new team members as well. My old friend Libeeti has joined as well as Mieke, Lucy, another Anne, Wilma and Anna (also known as Wiosanka)- I look forward to getting to know them and their work well over the next period of time.

Here is this weeks sketch -

And here is my attempt -

This was Henry at a place in Bermagui called the  Blue Pools (or something like that) and it was freezing. I got in and splashed around for about a minute (mainly because there was no water to wash in where we were camping and I was feeling Grimy!!) but all the others had a good long swim. Henry went in two steps, was covered in goosebumps and decided that was enough for him. Lots of rocks for him to walk on after he warmed up so the time wasn't all boring for him.

So come on over, say hello to our newest members and give the sketch a go.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Duct tape challenge

Quick post today, will bore you with my 'first world problems' as Meaghan would call them another day. Nothing major, just alot of little things that are causing swear words to be muttered.

Over at Child's Play, the challenge this week is duct tape. This stretched me a bit as I am purely digi at the moment. ut never fear, found some elements that are duct tape like and they went with my new happy shoes.
I do seem to have a few Lo's about shoes I realise. Possible more than about, hmm, say my husband... Must rectify that - or buy more shoes...

So come and play - duct tape is fun!

Have just realised I have been wearing my top inside out all morning - luckily have not been to shops yet (and yes, I have done that in the past) so off to change and scrub the shower out - well hooray!!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot Air Balloons

 This morning we awoke to the now familiar sound of hot air balloons floating over the house. At this time of the year they are a common morning site in Canberra. This year has been a bit more special as it is our 100th birthday (yay- go our town!) and they have had a special festival on all week. I was thinking we would get up very one morning to see them, but this morning they did us a favour and flew right over our house.

This was the view from our back deck at about 8 am -

a few more than 20 balloons flew over

Love the speciality balloons
 and everyone's favourite - Darth Vader

this photo (not taken by me) is over our National Library - how cool is that????

Anyway, last weekend was Canberra 100th birthday party and we celebrated by leaving and heading off to the coast for a couple of days camping. Perfect weather and we got a site about 20 metres from the beach.  Meaghan spent most of the time in her swimmers, happily posing for the camera. Biased parents think she is gorgeous (and having a 15yoboy who has a crush on you since you were little, trailing after her all weekend, didn't hurt her confidence either..)

Now this started out as a scraplift of Irini's page over at Get Creative -

 It went a bit astray but it does have three photos and some black and some arrows. And she was my inspiration so I'll claim it...(the challenge is to scraplift one of the very talented ladies on the DT)

Ok, off to get Henry from tennis now - byeee. xx

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Bucket List

We all have a vague idea about what we would like to do in our lives but lately the trend has been to write it all down and tick them off. I will admit to loving Karl Pilkington's tv show and the list he was bullied into doing by Ricky Gervais. The book was equally funny using a published "top 100 most popular bucket list items".

Anyway This month at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, we would love to see your bucket list. Mine includes lots of travel of course but a few other things.

The title is a quote from 'Shrek" the most quoted movie in this house - with "you're going the right way for a smacked bottom" apt for most situations....(The Simpson's being our most quoted TV show).

So come and play with us!

On the home front it's been a busy couple of weeks. The fridge tried to quit on us again but we keep resuscitating it until we get a new one in the new house. Mum and Dad came to visit, the house is almost at lock up but remained untouched last week due to vile weather striking most of the country. We started the week with tropical humidity and needing a fan to help us keep cool overnight to needing the doona by the end of the week. All back to warmer weather this week, yay, we are probably off to the coast for the upcoming long weekend.

 And Geoff went back to work last week so I get the computer all to myself for the whole day!!

So off to have fun now (hmmm The Lilypad BYOC sale is on, just may have to wander over that way I think...) byeeee