Monday, July 29, 2013

A few new pages

Been enjoying hanging out at The Lilypad over the past few weeks - had a great one hour challenge last week - very hard when you are trying to chat at the same  time but got this one done

Meaghan and her adoring (and adorable!) little cousin Holly.

This was for the random challenge - something you are proud of. This was easy, after  my lifelong fear of clowns - esp those that live in street drains (ha Stephen King - you have a lot to answer for!) we went along to Slava's Snow show and it was the most magical theatrical experience of my life. Just fell in love over with it. When the show was finishing, the clowns tossed huge inflatable balls into the audience and just hung around, enjoying the scene. the main clown sat on the edge of the stage and slowly people came up to him to thank him including Meaghan and I. Wow-  talking to and shaking hands with a real live clown - and I survived to tell the tale (too often I suspect..). 

And this one was for Pink Reptle Designs template challenge - mmm love Mirjam's products, one of my favourite designers I think.

I will admit I am just adding to my blog posts so I can avoid housework and grocery shopping but I can do so no longer. Have a good one. xx

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red part 2!

Earlier this month, Another Freaking Scrappy challenge had a fav colour challenge and I chose Red - at the same time Get Creative has a Red Hot challenge where all your accents have to be red - suits me! The end result is quite pared back for me.

Matt and Henry at The Melbourne Museum earlier this year - This didn't last very long BTW...

And for those few wondering, we have 8 more weeks of rental house before we move out, so hopefully house will be ready by then - I am just waiting for the house to be at lockup (promised many months ago - although maybe a bucket of water holding the door closed counts as secure..) to post pictures on the other blog, just a bit aware of how vulnerable the house is at the moment - they are still working on it every day - the painters and the tilers are in at the moment.

Just a sneak peek of the kitchen, still deciding on the feature tiles at the front of the bench...

Yummy shiny dark chocolate side panels...

Starting to talk to Garden designers this week - starting to get real now.

And Meaghan still hasn't seen any of it yet - such a stubborn character.

Expecting snow here on the weekend - a bit exciting if it happens - very rare occurrence. But as is tradition, one of my brothers is coming to Canberra and the temperature always seems to be setting record lows whenever any of them turn up...

And Child's Play is having a DT call, go apply, always fun challenges happening there!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Last One...

Feeling a bit sad because this is the last challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge. But I am grateful to have been on the DT for such a long time, I really enjoyed the challenges Anne came up with.

So come and play along, it's a sketch, which we all love!!

 I did like the way mine turned out this time - thanks Anne for all your work over the years. xxxx

Last week, I managed to get third place in Em's Page Drafts "Be Bold" sketch challenge with this page (one of my all time fav's!) -

 And I won a voucher from Sissy Sparrows - so much yummy stuff - so I stocked up and have come up with this for the Painted Nest challenge this month -

An old photo from one of the best New Years we have had. We were in a small Vietnam and they had a huge celebration - all the brides from the previous year got to parade in their wedding gowns and then there was a big concert in the middle of town. We bought Henry a balloon, he loved it so much, it had to be deflated and packed away for the rest of the trip.

Have a good day, bit wet still here but I love rain so all ok..


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Willy Wonker

Nice short post today, feeling very lazy...

It's my very last design team Lo for Child's Play - and it is based on one of my favourite kids movies - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original one of course, although I have come around to the Johnny Depp version).

and here's mine

Have just spent the week away at Mum and Dad's - lots of driving but a fun time with lots of badminton and minigolf - and then back for dinner with friends - a nice first week of the holidays.

House is being painted - looks good so far - will have pics up soon.

ok, off to play with photoshop now. xx

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


And boy, do we need the warmth of red here today! It is lunch time and the fog hasn't lifted, 6 degrees and not getting warmer. Henry is home again with a cough, the last week of term is always hard, esp as Meaghna started her holidays last week. Looking forward to having the holidays next week.

Anyway, this is all leading up to Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge for July

What is your favourite colour?  Why?  How does it make you feel?  Or make a monochromatic layout from your favourite colour - or journal the challenge or both!!

Red is a favourite colour of all of my family and it wasn't hard to find a variety of red based photos. And using elements One Little Birds Click kit. Completely different from my usual style but fun for a change. 

At the moment, I am enjoying living in Deakin, one of the main reasons is the abundance of bird life here. It is only one suburb over  from our usual abode but the birds seem to prefer here. Granted, there is a large dry eucalyptus woodlands that Deakin backs onto but the parrots seem to love the exotic trees that line the street, mostly pin oaks.

We have a bird feeder out the front, made for smaller bird but the cockys spend hours trying to balance on it, eventually grabbing a beakful. they also try to bite through the chain, and failing that the tree it is attached to - very funny to watch!

Time to get back to house stuff, it is not a fun time of the build with lots of little decisions to be made - although turning up yesterday and finding the laundry joinery in and the kitchen cupboards starting to take shape.

have a good and warm day xx