Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finally some stuff

Geoff has been rebuilding our computer and I had lost access to all the photos, not good. Now they are all off site and today I still can't get at them so I shot a couple of projects I have been working on (nothing very serious of course). I am finally getting around to scrapping our holiday, and am really enjoying the process. A couple of months ago I was so sick of lookinf at the photos, I had no inspiration at all, but now am flying. I got a couple of kits form Cocoa Daisy which I love, as well as some transperecies form Hambly Prints, equally good.
Knitting is also flying at the moment, love to knit while I watch tele (can't scrapbook then). I have joined an online knitting group called Ravelry, which has loads of free patterns. The Dalek is for Matt, although Henry uses it as a footy, and the unfinished project is a mohair jumper for me. At night it looks black with a hint of green and purple, during the day all the varients stand out.
Hopefully tommorrow I can get some other photos up...

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