Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a bit nervous...

but not too bad. Meaghan began her first proper day of high school yesterday. Having the orientation day helped enormously as she had already made some friends. She also proved the theory that Canberra is a small place and everyone knows each other, by pairing up with a girl who was born across the street from us in our last house, and who we hadn't seen since before she was 2.

Anyway day 2 today which will mean real work and having to navigate around the school with all the girls there, not just year7. she is less than impressed with the uniform and I am unimpressed that she has to wear the blazer to and from school on these really hot days, Matt's school sensibly has done away with the blazer over the summer terms.

Matt needed to be dropped off early at his school to pick up his text books, Meaghan was then dropped off at hers and then a quick rush to get Henry to school on time for his first day (just made that). I think I will try to avoid doing all 3 schools in the morning whenever possible, afternoons will be ok, a bit more time and a lot less traffic.

Looking forward to a quiet day today

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Jodie said...

Megan looks lovely in her new uniform! Charli loves Megan's hat, she doesn't like her new school hat.. Charli is also finding it a bit hard to get used to wearing dresses to school :)
Jodie x