Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secret santa and Katie's birthday

This post is for Jo xx

For Katie from me

Katie also scored this in the secret santa (these two patterns are from this book)

Ros has a wonderful way with the flowers from her garden

One of my fav's - the card from Jo

And more pretties from the felties book made by Jodie - so cute

A couple of weeks ago we had our celebration for lovely Katie's birthday in combination with our Christmas celebrations. Secret santa was a highlight - we are certainly getting to know each other and a few of us made some handmade stuff.

The conversation, which shall never be repeated, was an eye opener to say the least. Katie (who we love x) knows how to start a interesting line of discussion. Love these girls so very much.

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Luna said...

Thanks Karen! Love your heart tree decoration - will definitely try to do some myself for next Christmas. Thanks for getting the post up for me too - was such a special and fun night I just love all the present giving. Can't remember bits of the convo though... I must have blocked it out or filed it away under "Too Much Information". Have a great xmas - Heaps of love, Jo