Monday, October 11, 2010

back at school

and I finally get a little bit of quiet time - yay. Even Matt has gone back to do a couple of classes before his big exams start on Friday..

So a little quiet time equals some scrapbooking. I am avoiding scrap shopping on the net as the Aussie dollar is nearly at parity with the US and I am afraid things could get messy (as in completely out of control, I must, must have that, type of messy!!) if I begin to look, so I will hold off that temptation for a few days (maybe...).

So scrapping I have done. Firstly for These are a Few of My Favourite things. (hope Brookie is feeling better Julie x)

This week it is to scrap your favourite fictional character. Where to start? First I decided to rule out TV and Film characters (although there is some cross over with my actual fav's) and concentrate on my literary fictional favs. My first memories are of Berenstein Bears books (I actually won this book for my reading skills in Kindy, how clever was I? Don't answer that Rob...). And my current fav is the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. Love them (and also love the adaptation of the True Blood spin off, different but still addictive). It's funny in both I really couldn't take to Bill but loved the character of Eric.

And then my dilemma was, what about all the characters I have loved in between? So I started listing them, and even after I finished I realised I have missed many, many loves (namely Miss Elizabeth Bennett for a start...).

But I am fairly pleased with the end result.It doesn't mention my obsession with both scary Virginia Andrews in my teen years or Stephen King until he started straying into Misery etc. But I can't really say any characters from these series stayed in my heads as a fav. (and the scary clown from It, while memorable, gave me too many nightmares to be counted!!)

I love the font used for the heading. It is from 9th and Bloom, called Gimme space but the designer has left so I'm not sure if you can buy it anymore.

And of course I needed to do the latest from sketchy Thursday (just for you Julie I put them on the same day so you only have to comment once... )My Lo featuring Henry and his photos was chosen as a fav there last week - yay, always exciting to see your work chosen.

This Lo is long overdue. I have had the photo's printed out for a while but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with them yet.

These are my completely bestest, best friends in the whole world (is that enough sucking up to them yet??). Anyway it has been a hectic year for all of us so our birthday get togethers haven't been a s regular as usual. So this was a triple birthday treat. Unfortunately the restaurant wasn't that good but the company was great so all OK.

Hopefully we can all get together soon as we had two birthdays over the holidays but we have to wait for the very excited Jodie to get back from her trip to Paris (how jealous am I? She will have a ball and deserves it xx). so something to look forward to.

Time to get Henry from school now, hope he had a good first day (last term was a hard one for him). Just paid for Meaghan's tennis lessons for the term, and yes that seems to have brought the rain on.

have a great day xx

PS don't forget about the Southern Girls challenge, we've had some great entries already.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YOU are JUST the SWEETEST!!! Thanks for asking about Brookie!! I appreciate that!! She is doing a little better tonight...she FINALLY ATE something! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee both of these!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your FAVE THINGS one... People always tell me there are six degrees separation to me! LOL!! YES! I could be Kevin Bacon! LOL! Not sure if that's a good thing! :):):):):):):):):):):) And I love love love love the photos and the banner on your ST one!! Thanks my loveeeeeeeeee for playing along with us on FAVE THINGS and Sketchy Thursdays! YOU ROCK! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Francine said...

Hey I know some of those women, LOL! Nice to see you had a fun time out, and that you now get to scrap about it. End of school holidays just means I have to go to work again and even less time to get any scrapping done :(
Anyway, love the layouts. Lots of things to look at on the celebration one - the banner, the butterfly, the little bit of patterned paper behind the photos at the top - all great! I love the concept of the degrees of separation on the character one. I agree with you too, font is great!

MirjamC said...

beautiful pages and i'm in love with the gorgeous flower on the sketchy thursdays page!!! thanks for playing along with us at ST!

lisa said...

Lovely Lovely pages Karen : )

Amarilys said...

awesome layouts! love your take on Sketchy Thursdays sketch! great job and glad to have you playing along Sketchy Thursdays!

Luna said...

Clever Karen - love the degrees of separation in your reading journey (Can anyone ever explain the extreme popularity of that freakshow trilogy "flowers in the attic" for adolescent girls??????).
Love our birthday lo. Still have to get my photos up. Also, Jodie is in PARIS???? I did not know! Thanks for your msg. Had a great time in melbourne but unfortunately am weathering a bit of a crash and burn from the frantic pace my family put me on. Love to catch up soon tho xxxxxx.

Jeanet said...

These are both fantastic! Love the Fave one, so many familiar characters from books!Love the background paper and that banner!
The ST one is beautiful!Love that big flower and the colors! Gorgeous!
Thank you so much for playing along with Fave Things and Sketchy Thursdays!

Louise said...

Ahhhh, My Sweet Audrina was my fav, I had so
Love the layouts Karen, gorgeous. You are super clever! Guess that's why I wanted you on my DT!lol