Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Friday

Nice sunny day here at the moment, supposed to be stormy later but usually nothing happens. Mum and Dad are visiting at the moment, about to take them for adrive around the countryside. They are back home tomorrow and normal life resumes.

Two challenges are up this week, firstly Child's Play is all about feathers, those nice speckly crafty ones. This one I admit I love the page, so nice and soft -

And a very versatile sketch is up at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge - not overly happy with my interpretation, a bit rushed as I had left it til the last minute - I'm so bad...

 Henry's school had their athletics carnival, more a fun day than a competitive one, and I forgot to go back and have a look. And of course Henry won a couple of races.

And when I went and picked him up, he asked the question..
'Did you see me win???"

"eep - sorry Hen, completely slipped my mind, was busy doing other stuff (poor excuse I know...)
Does this make me a bad mother?" / (Ok will admit I was fishing for the forgivement)

"well, yes Mum, it sort of does."


Anyway, - Both sites still have other challenges going on for the month, lots to choose from and some great prizes up for grabs.

Ok, have a good weekend, if you are a Twilight fan, enjoy the last movie - I myself am hanging out for the latest James Bond ( To Jo -  Geoff says I owe you an apology for being a movie snob and being amazed that you had not heard of Skyfall - so here is my very public apology and I am going to watch the first Twilight movie again this weekend so we may discuss it at next weeks tennis/movie review hour...)



Chantal Vandenberg said...

Gorgeous layouts! Love your feathers one!!

Lizzy Hill said...

You need to join Julie T-W at her Twi 'marathon' a marathon to get there to join her.....yep. Definitely bad mother, especially when he WON some races. But I'm sure you'll both survive it...hasn't H changed - grown up - in 2 years!!!!
And I LIKE your AFSC one....those big scallops & the journaling looks really neat underneath like that:):):)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL to Lizzy's comment!!! :)

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your lo's!! LOVING those feathers on the first one!!!!