Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raggedy Ann and Andy

I always wanted a Raggedy Ann Doll when I was little. Not even sure how I knew about her, never saw a book or tv show with her  but I guess like all kids, toys are a universal knowledge base. You just KNOW they exist..

Child's Play latest challenge is to base your Lo on this picture

I went with the colours because I never did receive a doll (sigh)

This is my little niece at Questacon our local science museum. Very inquisitive little girl.

Weather wise, you know it's a hot summer when you are relieved that the temp is only forecast to get to 38C today. Sydney is going for the second hottest day on record. It is currently 35 at the moment and the wind has just started, going to be a bad fire day, hope you are safe where ever you are.

We are off to a friends, catching up with their pool  other friends there (and ok, they might just have a pool as well...) so that will be fun.

Have a good day. xxx


Mitra Pratt said...

Stay cool! Here it is freezing rain. I should tell you all about it in snow in my slipper today when I went wading through a snow drift...of course it is wise not to wear slippers in a snow drift...and then almost slipped in the driveway in the ice...any of that helping make you cooler? Hope that pool rocked! Love your page, it is a great picture to use with the blues and the reds.

Lizzy Hill said...

Heehee to Mitra's comment....just got the southerly breeze here on the coast...couldn't come soon enough - you lot are EXTREME in that there Can-berra place....& ME TOO, ME TOO..always wanted a RA a paper doll set with her that I played with your colours. This is a digi page, yes???? ANd YES got to The Hobbit & adored every tiny detailed detail & entered into Hobbit Land fully & completely for the whole 3 hours. I LOOOOOOOVE those stories & all the associated stories that get told:):):)

Anonymous said...

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Luna Landing said...

Oh Karen you break my heart, no raggedy Anne doll :(
So who are these friends with a pool? Yeah, great to have friends with a pool.....
Are you in Canberra. Feel like coming to Dickson pool with us next week? Arch has lessons every day at 11 but we can then stay all day if we like.
PS Am trying to get back into blogging. Have posted pics of my exhibition if you want to see them. Alongside a long boring written explanation.

Anne Pennington said...

Loving this layout and LOVE Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls (I make them). The lightbulv and your postage stamp are my favourites!!