Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Page Drafts times 2

My lovely and very talented friend, Em, has a blog full to the brim with wonderful sketches to play with. And last week it was Page Drafts first birthday - along with Henry's and Em's son Tige, all on the same day - how could I  not play along??

Out of the 5(!!!!) new drafts she has up I chose this one -

And of course I had to use a photo from Henry's birthday- blowing out the candles on his cake -

Possibly the only photo of the night that didn't include a sauce bottle that Meaghan thought should be included in every shot -thank you Meaghan for that...

                                                                   and so on...sigh

Em has also teamed up with the challenge site CSI and come up with this combo -

And here is my offering - from our trip down to Victoria just after Christmas. 

 Fascinating place to wander, esp on a not so hot day -  although we couldn't find the cave that was rumoured to be nearby.

Have had a stressful couple of days as we have been given notice to move out of our rental towards the end of May but the house probably won't be done until July... And the real estate agent hasn't called us back to see if we can possibly extend. sigh again.

have a good one. xx


Lizzy Hill said...

You poor things...I hope you can extend...crossing fingers & toes & eyes for you on that one. Two fab LOs,'re in & on top of the game in a one foul swoop of the Eagle's Nest!!!! LOVE the black around the photos on that one. And what's WRONG with tomato sauce bottles in his 10th b'day shots, eh? A really good memory....& you can hang it one Meaghan for the next 40 years:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I really like that texture in the white paper on H's page, too....too long a comment. SOrry!!

Dolly B said...

Love your layouts, really love the first one, love the white space the little banner, everything actually. Good luck with the rental

Em said...

Wow these are amazing K LOL at the sauce bottle thats priceless ha ha...The pages rock so much so I have pinched them and wantto share over at PD's FB page he he...I know you wont mind because your a sweetie! Thank you heaps hun for the promo you Rock as do your fabulous digi art. Happy Valentines to btw <3

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Monique Liedtke said...

Gorgeous pages!! especially the Happy 10! Love the sketch and your take on it and LOVE the colors and the photo!

Anne Pennington said...

Loving the 10th birthday layout!!! That photo in black and white and colour is FAB!!!