Friday, February 28, 2014

Buzz feed Quizzes

Totally unrelated to everything else and a time killer - this is my life -


              You got:                Meowth

Cash rules everything around you. You’re also ten thousand times more articulate than everyone else around you, due to the simple fact that you are the only one who knows how to say something other than your own name.

 Grey Line with Black, Blue, and Yellow, by Georgia O’Keeffe

You’re deeply in touch with your feminine side (like, SO DEEPLY) and not afraid to show it. You’re able to find beauty and power in even the smallest things. You’re also most likely excellent in bed.


You’re a sweet, dignified person with a love for adventure and new people. You are the wisest but most comforting of your friends and need a pet to drive that point home.

Which Celebrity Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Aka “Stonefield.”
 If there is a relationship ideal, you two would be it. You and your partner are the best of friends, lovers, alliances, clowns, companions, and teammates. You guys don’t make up for each other; you only add to each other

(if only I knew who these people were....)

Which Biblical Heroine Are You?


Strikingly good-looking with a world-weary air!!, you somehow make everything you do look easy. You’re practical, grounded and have a wicked sense of humor that keeps your friends and loved ones laughing. You have an exceptionally curious nature and love learning about new things, traveling, and meeting new people. It takes a lot to make you angry, but once you are, you’re the worst enemy anyone could imagine. Family is incredibly important to you — you’ll go anywhere and do anything for your loved ones, no questions asked. Good-natured, loyal, and hilarious, you’re basically the stereotypical perfect girlfriend and you own it!


Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

Jane Austen

Ever so genteel, you are in need of a woman who is your equal in rank and temperament, a woman who is financially independent but who still appreciates being taken care of. As romantic realists, both you and Jane realize that your imperfections make you perfect for each other, and that it is a combination of reason and emotion that makes a happy marriage

And that is me, damn I AM perfect - although I was unaware Jane Austen wanted to marry a woman, who am I to go against completely accurate quizzes???

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Lizzy Hill said...

SNORT!! I'd marry Jane..she was sooo unlucky in love with MEN anyways!!! And excuse me 'most likely excellent' in I'm 'most likely excellent at maths'. Double snort!!! Anyways, here I am reading & responding to this dribble while I've only got LIMITED time while the Grand Boy is asleep & there's like over 30 blogs to check out on my feed AND I haven't been commenting on my DTs yet either. So what does THAT say about ME??? HUH??? O Font of Wisdom???!!!!!