Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thomas show

Just before school went back, Henry and I went along to the Thomas stage show. We bought the glowing Thomas stick and with what seemed to be half the population of Canberra boys under the age of 6 (the other half I assume went to the earlier show) filed into the AIS arena - not much pink on show!
Although we had poor seats (curse internet booking) Henry was beside himself. Once the fat controller and his friends started appearing then Henry got right into it. He clapped and cheered and sang - had a ball. I found it hard to listen to Thomas and Percy as the actors who voiced them were - a) not Ringo Starr or his sound alike replacement and b) had spent too long doing pantos and had very effeminate voices, but the kids didn't seem to mind too much.
Luckily the top of the stadium was only partially filled, so we changed seats for the second half and had a much better view. It was worth the money just to watch Henry.

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