Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Book of the week

Just finished a great book by Barbara Kingsolver (who also wrote the Poisonwood Bible - another favourite) about being accountable for what you consume. Her and her family lived on a farm that was large enough to supply most of their needs but it isn't a preachy book (look how clever I am...) rather she gives plenty of ideas how to live a more sustainable life, get fruit and veges when in season, use meat that has come from a real farm not a feed lot and realise taste is as important as convenience.
I flicked through an American magazine the other day and the food ads amazed me - all pre-packaged, packed to the hilt with sugar (mmm, sugar) that just screamed tooth decay (cinnamon flavoured frosted struesal or Knorr cheddar rice with veges - very attractive). Australian junk food looks practically wholesome in comparison. The drug ads for kids are also something else.
I am an appalling housekeeper (as you are probably aware, esp if you talk to mum and dad for more than 2mins) so I aim to start small (farmers markets, weeding and replanting the vege patch, and convincing Henry that veges don't actually poison you, as he helpfully informed his teacher) and try to think about food quality more.
If I could only convince Geoff that a couple of chooks wouldn't be too much trouble...

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