Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Athletics carnival

Henry's first athletics carnival (and Meaghan's last at primary school) was eagerly anticipated as they had been preparing in PE class for the different events. Running, shot put, long jump and novelty events were on the cards.

Henry missed the start of his race (too busy getting the correct pose) but recovered to run as hard a he could and was very happy with the ribbon that all the kids got. I realised that I could never be a sports photographer as I missed all the action with the exception of a few poorly timed or blurry shots. Poor old Meaghan is so tiny in the one shot I got of her that it was hardly worth while.

Shot put was a great success as all the kids got in rows to throw an old hockey ball, I was nearly taken out by a wayward shot but years of defensive training finally paid off and I managed to catch it (miraculous my male relatives including husband would say).
Unfortunately summer had finally arrived and the kindy kids only had half a day, but I think that was enough.

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