Monday, March 31, 2008

Matt has left

Matt, Edward and Nick (I think)
The pack at the airport

After a very hectic week of trying to organise a boy who doesn't like shopping but has no clothes for colder weather(!!) Matt finally hopped on a plane to France on Saturday morning. We went out Friday night to his house mystery dinner - always an enjoyable night. For once we had actually managed to pack Matt up the night before so didn't have to worry about that during the night.
One of Matt's friends, Tyrone, looked after Henry and Meaghan. Ty's parents were in Sydney from Friday onwards, so I took Ty to meet his Radford College rowing team for their trip to Sydney at 7am that morning. Matt had to be at the airport by 9am so there was some chance of organising the boys by 11:30 when their plane left. As they were all well and truly organised by 10, this left a lot of time sitting around the airport, to be repeated for 5 hours at Sydney airport.
He arrived in Singapore at midnight (our time), left there two hours later and arrived in Paris at around about 6pm (again our time) the next day. They then had to spend four hours on a coach to get to Alencon where they are billeting for a fortnight.
Got and email from him saying he had arrived at his host family OK but of course very tired. I suspect time will fly for him over there (and be very slow here).

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