Monday, November 17, 2008

Back on track

Just drawing breath after a very busy weekend, starting with the Curtin Primary twilight fair and finishing with an ill advised picnic by the lake (my fault, who knew it would be so cold at this time of the year? Well all of us probably). The fair was busy during the lead up with Henry's class doing the raffle (no extra work thanks to some very hard workers - am hoping Henry is always in Oliver's class as his mum does everything) but Meaghan's class was running the white elephant. So much stuff came in, many people treating the stall as a rubbish tip but still plenty of good stuff. The kids had a ball, which in the end is the best thing.

Saturday was little athletics - Henry loves to run. Meaghan had a pool party to go to and Matt had spent Friday night at a friends.

Then we decided at 7pm to go to circ du solei which began at 8. OK we do enjoy last minute plans but this was getting tight. Had to pick Matt up from Red Hill and then back into town, Made it to the show just after it started - so very worth the effort. Matt was looking a bit grumpy (understandable given the rush, so I asked if he was enjoying the show. Well no came the reply - can't see much as he didn't have his glasses - doh. Another quick trip home by Geoff and Matt to retrieve glasses, plenty of time though. Such a great show, can't recommend it enough.

Another busy day on sunday with an architect dropping by to rediscuss our renovation plans - think we are well and truly ready to do something now.

And Geoff fixed my log in so I now have access to my photos and photoshop after too many months without. My first effort is above , when we went out for the lovely Jodie's and my birthdays back in September - really enjoyable night, we did miss Jo though.

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