Monday, August 30, 2010

The Studio Cyberblog

Last weekend The Studio had a cyberblog. Unfortunately I didn't get to do any of the challenges on the actual weekend but the challenges are open until this Saturday. This is for Fabi's misting challenge - you know I love the mist...

I used some sticky lace that was lilac coloured (not going to be using that particular colour anytime soon) that I peeled off after misting.

This was Miss Meaghan off to the Yr8 social. I was so pleased with the outfit she ended up wearing, trendy but not over the top like many girls her age seem to favour. The dress which you can't quite see has layered flounces for the skirt and she wore leggings with a butterfly cutout on the leg. very cute.

She has since updated the hairdo to a side fringe and that makes her look so much older (getting a photo of this is proving quite tricky...).

One of my new Southern girls friends, Sue, has done a wonderful Lo, very much to my liking, lots of mist and white space. Go check it out on her blog here. Must try one with that red/black/white colour scheme, it works so well.

More Lo's soon, am hoping to get some more of the Studio's challenges done.

Have a great week. xx


Irini said...

I was bummed I could not be at the Studios cybercrop but we have had inlaw issues again....long story.
Anyway Meaghan looks so the layout.....

Anna said...

Great layout Karen, that misting looked fab!!

Rebekah said...

It's gorgeous Karen, I love it!