Monday, September 6, 2010

That's what I like about you

AKA - I hope you have the time of your life (part 2).

Not much more to be said since the last post. Only a quick Lo about three of the men that have a huge influence on Matt's life so far and I couldn't wish for better role models (outside the family of course).
They have given the boys a strong sense of what is acceptable, the high standards expected within the school and how to behave appropriately is all situations. On top of this the respect the boys have for each other and the teachers is wonderful to see. Al;l the while they let the boys be boys, a tricky balancing act. I am so grateful to these me and those who helped them.

Using the Design Dollies latest sketch

And lastly a musical note. Each year all the houses compete for musical domination, Not all the boys play or sing well so the challenge is to come up with a group effort all the boys can compete in (as well as a number of individual and small group presentations, one of which can be seen here, love this). This year Edwards House swept away all the opposition, taking out all four major categories, which has been unheard of before.

The boys spent a lot of their lunch times putting together and practising the House Shout which all the boys can compete in, the results can be seen in the clip below - it isn't very good quality but the boys enthusiasm and singing can be heard very well. Matt is at the front left, the only one wearing long sleeves. And it the only time he has worn jeans in the lst 5 years I believe, that's commitment...



Louise said...

Loved the vid! Thanks for sharing and it is so awesome that you are so proud of your boys.

Irini said...

loved the layout but the video was ahmazing (I realise it is not the right spelling LOL)as much as I loved it I also got emotional....blame it on the hormones....
Again I wish matt all the best for the future......great now I know who to harass about parenting a teenager!!

karenw said...

I know, it gives me goosebumps.I never realised how powereful and posive these house shouts were. I wish I could have put up the reaction of the house master when the winners were announced. He was the epitomy of an expectant and then very proud father. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. xx

KarenB said...

Great job with the sketch Karen - it's such a wonderful LO theme and so fantastic that Matt has strong role models. Loved the video too.