Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally some scrapping done

I loved this sketch from Sketchy Thursday this week and managed to get two versions done, a traditional and a digi Lo.

This one is about releasing some small birds from a Buddhist temple in Laos. We bought two of the little cages, one bird in each. This is supposed to give you good karma. Further reading upon getting home made me realise that the little birds don't get quite the same amount of karma as they are often caught in nets and not treated well while awaiting release. Hopefully these ones get a free life after we released them.

This one is simpler. Henry and Matt (and Meaghan as well) got along so well for the whole trip. Matt looked after Henry, often carrying him when he got tired - it was wonderful to see.

And while in the sketchy mood, I gave this weeks Pencil Lines sketch a whirl.

Again from Laos but less obviously so. We took some bubbles along for down times and Henry had a ball while we out at the bungalows, blowing and chasing bubbles. Amazing how kids quickly adapt to no computer and no tv..

So I am quite pleased with these ones, it is so long since I have felt like scrapping and my output has dropped to a trickle. Just needed to get back into a routine I think.

Big couple of days coming up. Henry's 8th(!!!) birthday tomorrow (must go blow up some balloons) and then the day after he and Meaghan are back to school. A couple of Henry's closest friends have moved schools over the hols and he will miss them. He has a male teacher this year so he should enjoy that.

Ok, have a great day xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! LOVING the hearts in the first one, the hanging twine in the second one (gonna have to lift that one!) and loving the colors in that last one! Thanks sooooooooooo much Karen for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Irini said...

WoW so much has happened...
You are creative again!...good to see you back again!
Loving your layouts.
I was touched by Matt carrying Henry when he was tired.
I love the layout with Henry blowing bubbles....
WOOHooo.....our babies turn 8 this year!!!!!!
I wish Henry all the best for his birthday and the start of the new school year!!

Anonymous said...

Karen - these layouts are freaking awesome!!!

Anne Pennington

Jeanet said...

Beautiful layouts! Love your style and those photo's and the story of the little birds is so beautiful!
Loving the colors in your secong one and i love the pics in the last bubbles!
Thanks so much for playing along with us at Sketchy Thursdays! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Keshet said...

Wow, these are ALL gorgeous! You've been busy! Thanks for joining the fun at Sketchy Thursdays this week!!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

All these pages are awesome. Thanks so much for the great interpretation you gave my sketch at Pencil Lines. And good luck too :-)

Cher~ said...

I'm a new follower. Found your blog and love your style. This layout with the hanging frames is stunning.