Thursday, July 26, 2012

A sketch and showing off a freebie

Had one of those bizarro, twilight zone experiences (ok maybe not so spooky but enough to make me laugh) yesterday. Three days ago I had never heard of Em Stafrace until Lizzy mentioned that she had a cool freebie to give away. Saw it and fell in love. Then her name popped up again in an blog post at one of my fav designers, Sahlin studios. And I know, this was all mentioned in yesterdays post.

And who should drop by, via the so far completely unrelated site of Bird is the word but Em Stafrace herself. All serendipitous enough to make me sit down last night and today and play with her kit.

With a few bits from Sahlin Studio thrown in. man I love chevrons at the moment (yep I know, me and everyone else in the craft world!). Isn't the little boy image just wonderful, there is an equally splendiferous dog to go with him.

And then a more mixed Lo. using the July sketch from Get Creative

and some more wooden paper from Sahlin Studio-

Had lots of fun with this.

So go on over to Em's site, Just a Girl with ideas, and grab the freebie. You are going to see the chevron stamp alot in the future...

Oh and Lizzy, you were right about needing stitching or doodles on the lo, to be honest, I was going to do stitching on it but I was way too lazy to get the machine out and the LO suffered for it. Meaghan has stolen it now so it will remain unfinished...

And now just to keep Lizzy entertained on her train trips-
 My old fall back- a good knitted patten and a man with a moustache they go hand in hand -
wear more Robin Hood based vests I say!!
or for those health conscience men in your lives, an ideal Christmas pressie, start knitting - Now!! (although I am glad they showed the trunks version and not the briefs - too much exciement in one day is not good for you...)

And this one just freaked me out a little - so I thought I should share it.... ahh 80's exercise fashion...

 Have a good one... xx


Em Stafrace said...

LOL isn't it funny how peoples paths cross...I think in our case it was a collison and now we are travelling in the same car ;) lol...Oh and no I did'nt grow up in Woden my hubby did he's a Padua Boy.

However I did hang out at the bus interchange mid 80's sad but true and even worked at 'The Camel Train' my weekend job do you remember that little shop? Just too funny hun!

PS. I'm loving your page using the free kit, and SWOON at the Sahlin/Just a girl combo tee hee.

PPS. Incase Lizzy reads this hope your train ride isn't too boring hun, how can it possibly be with all this eye candy Karen has shared with you, bet you feel like pumping iron now ;)!

Lizzy Hill said...

I am LOL-ing....a LOT on the train, you's hard to keep it in as I'm surrounded by construction workers right gotta be careful I don't go too red in the face!!! What is that Girl's HAND DOING to the black rubber guy's thigh???!!!! And the top pattern guy's hair...gotta be a wig. But I'm liking the square jawed Robin Hood fella's. Think I'll sit & look a while longer!!! Last night train sorta broke down a bit. I don't care if it does tonight. I got CANDY!!! Taa muchly! Oh, & your digi's ROCK BIG TIME....LOVE them:):):) Almost as the pattern men....:):):)

Georgia Heald said...

Gorgeous layouts, Em is a inspiration isn't she! Awesome vintage pics too, gotta love a guy in a spandex lol

TeenaBugg38 said...

Oh my goodness!!! LOVE IT!!!!! And Ms Em is incredibly talented!! I follow her blog and her digi skills just blow me away! YOur layout is STUNNING, but the photos below are quite Where do you find this stuff????

Anonymous said...

Lol I had a good laugh with your post, from full linen, to knitting to Lycra ... disturbing fashion sense indeed!!

Love both of your layouts ... incredible work as always ... thank you for honoring us again with your layout at GC!

Celeste Vermeend said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and I am glad I dropped by yours! Such cool stuff - even for a HAwthorn supporter!!

Mia said...

Oh Karen, those aren't Robin Hood vests- they are TUNICS. What am I going to do with you??????
I am loving the new look Vanilla Scraps.
BTW congratulations on you GIVEAWAY win- you are totally deserving. I am absolutely convinced that the comment you left was most sucky up of all of them and I love that!
Keep it coming.... Soap gift on way....

Elina said...

I love your layouts Karen! Great take on our sketch at the second page! Great pics too!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining us at Get Creative!

Anonymous said...

First let me comment on your great layouts before I collapse into a heap on the floor laughing !!! Both are fabulous and love your style and your new look blog. I agree with Mia they are tunics but you are most probably to young to remember that! Fabulous photos and the wording oh my do you think we will look back on 00's and see how terrible we looked !

Thanks for sharing with us at Get Creative,


Elena Stefanidou said...

I love your style.Love it!
And i love the men form the past.I'm still laughing).
Thanky ou for playing with us at GC.

sandi said...

Great lo's! I really love the retro feel of the first one! Just fab!

EFI said...

Hi Karen! Awesome layout as always!!! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Get Creative!

Anonymous said...

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