Thursday, August 2, 2012


Love this challenge on Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge- 

This time around, we challenge you to Scrap about a pet.  We especially encourage you to scrap about one from your childhood or youth.  If you have never owned a pet, then scrap about a favourite animal - perhaps you have photos from a zoo visit!!!
I am currently pet free but next door's new kitten has visited  a couple of times (he is the most easily spooked cat I have met - he definitely does not have the contemptuous look that most cats have). My childhood was on a farm so constantly surrounded by both pets and animals in general. My fav's were the pet lambs that we gathered every year - never got sick of feeding them - although I suspect Mum was tired of by the end of the lambing season...
More Lilypad supplies, am so addicted to this store and as promised, more of the chevron stamp from Em Straface freebies. 
We have finally received approval for our house plans = panic has officially set in - so much to do in the next fortnight - foremost of which is finding a house to live in... We inspected a house yesterday that is pretty good but my head space is not in that particular area, it seems out of the way even though it is only 15 minutes from here. I am too spoilt I'm afraid...
So I may only be in and out occasionally over the next few weeks, although I do tend to employ avoidance measures in these times, blog surfing being perfect..
and how can I go further without mentioning the Olympics - everyones favourite uniforms need to be shown again - watching Australia in bright yellow playing Spain in theses colours seriously should have come with a health warning - burned retina's all around.
 And over the first few days, I think the winners have been the whingers, from many and varied countries, although i think Australia, The US and Team GB have led the pack - it's been both laughable and embarrassing. Hopefully someone will remember that it is only sport and not a life and death situation. yep they are under pressure but crying when you only get a silver? And accusing anyone who dares to beat us of being drug cheats - seriously??
and completely unrelated - to celebrate Lizzy's last week on the train

have a good one and come and play with us at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge.


Lizzy Hill said...

Those flushes coming on:):):) And I am OUTTA the building. Finito. Finis. I'm sure there's a spanish word, but don't know. Probably can't say it without wearing RED!!!
Am soooo with you - crying over silver - & where's the sportspeeps-ship & CELEBRATING when another girl from a country does really! I agree. Don't wanna know our 'ambassadors' at times. Downright shameful. Just as well the Kiwi's still have it right & get EXCITED over winning bronz. Course that could open a whole can of other worms...& you've only got time to think about MOVING!!!!! Yay! Glad plans approved. Hope you get a warm place. LOVE your lambs. Did you name them? We did!!!! And not Lamb Chops. Had a girl friend who INSISTED on weddding photos with her pet lamb...SERIOUSLY! We all traipsed out to the paddock....not a bad wedding story, realy.
Oh and BTW - those choc brown/blue 'inner' wear are almost trendy. I see CHEVRONS!1!!!

Luna Landing said...

Ahhhh! Yes, those male underwear pics need to ome with health warning. Where are you funding them!!!????? Totes agree with the bad attitude of Aus sports stars and whats with Grant Hackett on TV? God knows what crime an (male) Australian sports star would have to commit before a commercial television station in Australia wouldn't give you an on screen job!
So.... congrats on the house proceeding? Does this all mean you have not been putting heaps of work into ur trivia night outfit????
PS What are we going as again?
PPS Luna Landing is back in business and needs some love. XXXXX

Kim Price said...

I really love this layout Karen. Everything is perfect - I can't tell if it's digital, scrapped or hybrid. But I wish I'd done it! Bravo - love this so much.