Sunday, October 14, 2012

so very late with this post

Ok, it's holidays here and we have been down visiting Mum and Dad and my baby brother and his family have been to visit. Been one lot of very busy hols in fact.  Glad we were away when Canberra had it's coldest October day in 50 years - not much warmer where we were but Dad likes to keep a fire going...mmm.

Anyway, SLIME!! Yep that is (not quite -oops) the latest challenge over at Child's play.

I always wanted this as a kid. My afore mentioned brother had slime with worms (oh yes - the posh version..) that was quite a distinct shade of purple. He wasn't that taken with it (big girl) and Mum was less taken with it when it got spilt on his cream chenille bedspread (we all had them during the 70's). Left a very nice stain..

Anyway as my kids are equally lame when it comes to slimely things  - the boys anyway, Meaghan would take on anything - I don't have photos of them in any sticky situations so I opted for a colour variation on the theme.
Bits of  green and Matt trying to hide, looking somewhat like a blob (if you squint anyway..).

So go green, go slimey, just show us what you've got!

Just a quick mention that the latest challenge involves this cartoon-
which surprisingly enough for an Australia who had nothing to do with Halloween, was one of my very favouritest comics. I loved it. Quite odd when I think about it, esp as Halloween would have scared the bejeebers out of me - ok I am quite a wimp and had a phobia of people who cover their faces (masks and beards..) Luckily I am just about over the beard thing, masks still freak me out.

I am about to start a Shimelle Class, which means I will have to finally get out my paper and glue. I am so looking froward to doing that.

Have a good one xxx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your lo is AWESOME!! I loveeeeeeeeee that photo, the frame, the title... just WOW!!! LOVE IT!!!

Toni Herron said...

I love the colours! And don't worry, I can see the "blob" in the photo.. :)
This was a great inspiration on the DT reveal..
And yes, in Aust Halloween isn't really a celebrated thing, however we are very lucky to have a massise Estate party and all the kids do "Trick or Treating" betweem certain times on the last Sunday of October, then we ALL gather at a house for a huge BBQ, costume judging and our annual neighbourly catch up chats.. :)

Alicia said...

Hi Karen,
I love your blog, I love the way you write. It is so honest, like talking with an old friend. Your creations are awesome. They are full of so much personality and individuality. So exciting about your house. Off to check out your house blog.
Alicia xx

Em said...

Ha ha thats hilarious I crack up at your humour and am grinning form ear to ear over your digi I dont see anybody??? Who??where???

Anonymous said...

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