Monday, July 29, 2013

A few new pages

Been enjoying hanging out at The Lilypad over the past few weeks - had a great one hour challenge last week - very hard when you are trying to chat at the same  time but got this one done

Meaghan and her adoring (and adorable!) little cousin Holly.

This was for the random challenge - something you are proud of. This was easy, after  my lifelong fear of clowns - esp those that live in street drains (ha Stephen King - you have a lot to answer for!) we went along to Slava's Snow show and it was the most magical theatrical experience of my life. Just fell in love over with it. When the show was finishing, the clowns tossed huge inflatable balls into the audience and just hung around, enjoying the scene. the main clown sat on the edge of the stage and slowly people came up to him to thank him including Meaghan and I. Wow-  talking to and shaking hands with a real live clown - and I survived to tell the tale (too often I suspect..). 

And this one was for Pink Reptle Designs template challenge - mmm love Mirjam's products, one of my favourite designers I think.

I will admit I am just adding to my blog posts so I can avoid housework and grocery shopping but I can do so no longer. Have a good one. xx

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Lizzy Hill said...

Groooaaan...don't mention eithe HW or GS words...hate 'em both even MORE as I get older! Much nicer looking at your scrap pages...LOOOOVE that last one [still!!!] & I really like all your journaling..go you!!! Great you're getting some time to do this...just imagine when you're in the new house with your OWN ROOM to get into the scissors & paper again...will you????!!!!!