Tuesday, July 2, 2013


And boy, do we need the warmth of red here today! It is lunch time and the fog hasn't lifted, 6 degrees and not getting warmer. Henry is home again with a cough, the last week of term is always hard, esp as Meaghna started her holidays last week. Looking forward to having the holidays next week.

Anyway, this is all leading up to Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge for July

What is your favourite colour?  Why?  How does it make you feel?  Or make a monochromatic layout from your favourite colour - or journal the challenge or both!!

Red is a favourite colour of all of my family and it wasn't hard to find a variety of red based photos. And using elements One Little Birds Click kit. Completely different from my usual style but fun for a change. 

At the moment, I am enjoying living in Deakin, one of the main reasons is the abundance of bird life here. It is only one suburb over  from our usual abode but the birds seem to prefer here. Granted, there is a large dry eucalyptus woodlands that Deakin backs onto but the parrots seem to love the exotic trees that line the street, mostly pin oaks.

We have a bird feeder out the front, made for smaller bird but the cockys spend hours trying to balance on it, eventually grabbing a beakful. they also try to bite through the chain, and failing that the tree it is attached to - very funny to watch!

Time to get back to house stuff, it is not a fun time of the build with lots of little decisions to be made - although turning up yesterday and finding the laundry joinery in and the kitchen cupboards starting to take shape.

have a good and warm day xx

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Lizzy Hill said...

Oooh...loving that 'chevron' red 'tape' on the bottom one! And the frames around the photos up top look awesome...so, you're a red gal:):) You'll have to wait & find out what I am!!!! Hopefully I'll get to join in...& hopefully it will warm up a bit for you VERY soon. That's COLD!!!!!!!