Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You May have Noticed...

or not noticed really, (silence from my long departed readers) but I haven't been a big presence on the net lately. I have kept my hand in at The Lilypad scrapping and checking out Facebook but that is all I can be fussed doing at the moment.

The reason boils down to our new house I think - ok I know. Don't get me wrong, I love our new house, it is  all we could hope for(almost - no pool- sorry Jo..)  and I was afraid that if I blogged before this I would just be complaining and I have absolutely no right at all to do that. I will say only this my life now consists of waiting for plumber, builder, blind installer, telephone/internet or just about any other tradesman you would care to name. Just about all good guys but waiting for someone between the hours of 8-2:30 or 12-5 which is the closest most can get with appointments - eats up most of my days. Tree men coming tomorrow to charge enormous amounts to clear power lines of branches.

But all worth it for our new house, more importantly or new way of life which actually involves socialising here - at home - anytime- with friends - anytime. It is so cool.  We have never been able to do that before.Our neighbours, who moved in while we were renting, are proving to be a bad influence with a steady flow of alcohol and children for Henry to play with.

 Downside is I've had to actually do housework - who knew it could take up so much time??

Anyway, here are some pages I've sort of done about the house -

                                                             the front entrance lights

Henry walking through the kitchen -

Henry in our spa bath

which is in our ensuite that looks a bit like this
 (with Henry apparently holding Meaghan Hostage in the bath..)

Yep, gives you very little idea what our house looks like yet - sorry. I have been neglecting photos lately, unforgivable. 

And on a happy note (@!#$!!) this is the second attempt to get enough tiles to finish our flooring, only had to wait 8 weeks for them - right near our entrance -

Not quite enough - again - and that may be the last batch that match the rest of our tiles - fun times ahead sorting that not so little problem out. 

So to any readers I have left (possibly none) thank you for coming back, I will try harder (but don't hold your breathe)  - I may just be saying that to myself though...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I knew you had to have been busy with the house :) I love love love love love the layouts and the photos of your new home!!!!

wendipooh13 said...

sounds like you've been busy with the house, but looks amazing from the pics!!!!! great pages!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

I DID notice & HAVE been wondering how it's all going......so glad you're IN, at least....ewwwwwe...might have to get creative with those missing tiles:/:/......LOVELY to see some pages from you...I miss your work:):)!!!!