Friday, December 20, 2013

The Undie Tree

The elder two children really dislike putting up and decorating the Christmas Tree - Matt's girlfriend Alex was far more enthusiastic about the whole thing this year than the other two - Henry still enjoys it although is very easily distracted by just about anything really.

Anyway, when Alex bought her chrissy presents around this year for us (including my guaranteed best present for this year, which she insisted I open - more of that later), Meaghan whipped up an impromptu tree with anything she could lay her hands on. I'm not sure how long I looked for the duct tap she had in the infrastructure before I gave up and fixed my slowly dying vacuum cleaner with sticky tape - not ideal!

Anyway, to get the lush green look, she delved into the pile of clean washing i had yet to sort (ok, nearly a permanent fixture in the family room) and came up with Matt's undies - and so the Undie tree was born. It's shelf life was limited by the inclusion of a real banana- but it did last for quite a few days. The kids were very disappointed to have to pull it down.

Inspiration for this Lo came from Em's Page Drafts Blog - so many great sketches to choose from - go check out what the talented bunch of Girls did for Christmas!

And these are the great presents Alex made for me for Christmas -

She has Matt's crossed arms attitude just right - I told Matt that if they ever broke up, I may very well kick him out and adopt Alex instead...

Coming into summer, this is the first house we have been in since Matt was a baby, that does not have Air Conditioning (it deserves capitals!). And with limited blinds, and very limited greenery outside, it seems so much hotter. Upstairs is unbearable, downstairs slightly better. Matt landed home with 5 friends yesterday and Meaghan turned up with 3 more. At least two of these had pools at home but chose to swelter here instead - crazy...
Geoff is trying to arrange air conditioning to be installed as soon as possible - although this is the worst possible time, hopefully we will get it before the end of summer..

Anyway, as my blogging has been less than stellar this year, I will take this opportunity to say Happy Christmas, hope you get all you need and have a peaceful New Year! xx


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are gorgeous!!!!!!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

Love the story of the undie tree :) our layouts are always them both!

Emma Stafrace said...

Wow love it Karen, and yep way too funny about the undies he he. I hope its okay but I have pinched the page and will share on teh Page Drafts FB page if that is okay ;)

Lizzy Hill said...

Lovely to hear what you're up to in The Hot House!!! An undie tree...fabulous...& ALex seems a GEM....hope he holds onto her tight!!! MErry Christmas right back at you:):):):)
REALLY great to see you scrapping again....I LOOOVE your style!!!