Friday, September 21, 2007

A big day for the kids

It was a big day for all our kids today. Henry had was VIP at preschool yesterday and as such gets to do the mystery box today. He chose to put a Lego digger inside to get the class to guess the contents. It has replaced show and tell which Henry loved. Henry also heads off to the lovely Dr Kerrie this afternoon for an asthma check up.
Meaghan's school, Curtin Primary, had medieval fair day run by the year 5 and 6's. Many of the kids dressed up as did all the teachers. Meaghan, Gala and Tilly ran one of the drinks stalls, with other kids doing face painting, food stalls, puppet shows and many other assorted stalls. The Medieval feast will be held next week (on Meaghan's birthday).
Matthew arrives back from camp this afternoon. I suspect he will head straight to his room for a computing hit and then bed for the weekend. Hopefully he will give a more in depth report of his week away than "it was alright".

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